Xtrader365 brands itself as a secure trading hub of unparalleled quality. The company asserts that community welfare is its top priority, and its support team is committed to assisting even the most inexperienced traders. Additionally, the broker promises access to unforgettable events and insights. However, online reviews about it are quite diverse.

Despite providing a Cypriot address as its official location, the company remains reticent regarding legal information and licensing details. Furthermore, the project refrains from disclosing its founding date and remains silent about its owners and team. So, is it safe to trade with this broker?

How to Trade

Regrettably, Xtrader365 overlooks a crucial aspect‌ — the provision of a demo account. Consequently, traders must initiate their platform exploration directly with a real account. The company’s demands are notably ambitious. For instance, the initial account requires a substantial deposit of $10,000, offering clients access to round-the-clock support, daily market analysis, video content, and daily recommendations.

Moving up the ladder, the “Gold” account demands an even heftier deposit of $25,000, with the sole additional feature being VIP Support. The distinction narrows further, with the Xtrader365 “Platinum” account, introducing hedging and requiring a minimum deposit of $50,000. Finally, the VIP account promises the exclusivity of a personal manager, though details about promised events and educational resources remain elusive.

Notably absent from Xtrader365’s disclosure are critical details such as the leverage size and other essential parameters. Spreads, in particular, are left unaddressed. The lack of transparency raises concerns about the comprehensiveness of the trading conditions offered by this broker.

Xtrader365 Vital Info

Xtrader365 keeps its legal details shrouded in mystery. The broker fails to disclose the jurisdiction of its legal entity registration anywhere on its website. Furthermore, crucial information about whether the broker has obtained any licensing remains conspicuously absent. Despite listing an office address in Cyprus in its contacts, a check against the relevant registry reveals no registration of a company with that name.

Adding to the uncertainty is the broker’s relatively brief operational history. Unfortunately, it commenced operations quite recently, and this lack of longevity may be the reason behind the absence of any specified dates. Notably, a Whois service inquiry revealed that the broker’s website was established in August 2023. Intriguingly, reviews about the project began surfacing around the same period.

The combination of undisclosed legal information and a recent market entry raises concerns, urging caution and thorough due diligence when considering Xtrader365 as a trading partner.


What are the key facts about Xtrader365?

Currently, the project is marred by evident issues, including the lack of registration details, a very brief operational history, and less-than-favorable trading conditions. Notably, the minimum deposit requirement is significantly high, contract specifications are not adequately disclosed, and the company seems to emphasize its customer support as a primary focus.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The risk of losing all your funds with this broker is substantial. Beyond operating without proper legal authorization and oversight, the platform encourages trading CFDs without actual market execution. This setup inevitably creates a conflict of interest with Xtrader365, posing a considerable risk to traders' financial assets.

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