The website is owned by Quintero LLC, incorporated in 2023 in St. Vincent and Grenadines. In addition, the company claims to have offices in Switzerland, the UK, and Luxembourg and indicates their addresses. It is worth noting that the brokerage firm shows a certificate of a certain EUAC body on its website. However, this insurance organization is presumably not a regulator.

Can you trust your money to this intermediary? In our review, we will analyze Vourteige’s services and determine the financial risks associated with working with this broker.

How to Trade

The company offers its clients to trade on “one of the safest platforms”. Meanwhile, the broker does not provide tariff plans. Trading conditions are outlined in general terms:

  • Narrow fixed spreads.
  • Standard range of asset classes.
  • Leverage in the range of 1:50-1:200.

Vourteige promises not to charge a commission for transactions but warns clients about other fees, the size of which the broker can change at any time. Traders can take advantage of bonuses subject to a trading turnover of 500 times the initial deposit amount.

Terms of use do not provide for the brokerage organization’s liability to clients for any damages. 

The service includes an Educational Academy, which is filled with tutorials, e-books, and videos. There is a news section on the site.

Vourteige Vital Info

The “About Us” section of the website does not contain any specific information. The founding date of the project is also missing. Judging by the registration number of the management company listed in the footer, it was established in 2023. This corresponds to the date of domain registration. We can see that the broker does not misrepresent the age of the organization and this is already good, as sometimes young firms attribute to themselves a longer experience of work.

We checked the registration of Quintero LLC with the number 3314 and found it in the St. Vincent and Grenadines business entity registry. However, it is unclear whether this organization is affiliated with In addition, the firm does not provide copies of licenses from European countries where it supposedly has offices. As for the London address, we did not find Quintero LLC listed among the 56 organizations operating in that building. Unsurprisingly, the brokerage firm is also not listed on the FCA register.


What are the key facts about Vourteige?

Quintero LLC, which is registered in St. Vincent and Grenadines in 2023, is listed as the owner of this platform. However, there is no confirmation that this site belongs to this company. In addition, its office is not located at the address listed in London. The broker's activities are not regulated by the British FCA; the project owners do not provide copies of any licenses and information about the managers.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

A firm that lists a dubious certificate from an unknown EUAC insurance company and a non-existent address in London does not deserve your trust. In addition, the huge leverage, which is limited in European countries to 1:30, represents even more risk for you, as well as withdrawing money in cryptocurrency and the possible blocking of your account at any time.

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