This brokerage company promises to provide clients with world-class trading platforms containing the latest financial industry innovations. However, the firm does not disclose the date of its foundation, place of registration, and license availability. It is worth noting that the legal documents for users include the Stocks Trends brand, which manages this resource, and the regulation of CFD trading in the UK.

Will it be profitable for you to trade on such an outstanding platform? In our SafetyTrades review, we will look at all the details and determine how safe this broker is.

How to Trade

The firm offers clients innovative packages that “can change how you think about trading”. What is their novelty, you will learn from the list of services:

  • A single trade can be executed with different asset classes.
  • MT4 Margin WebTrader platform provides access to the markets from any device.
  • Cryptocurrency products are combined with “Swiss security”.

SafetyTrades provides 6 rates for registering your account and trading packages with ETF technology.

If you activate the bonus, you will not be able to withdraw profits and deposit until a certain trading volume has been worked out.

Fees, commissions, and spreads are not listed on the site. Customer support is available via online chat.

SafetyTrades Vital Info

The site owner does not disclose any information about the history of the project. As for the domain, it was registered only in December 2023. Meanwhile, Stocks Trends is presented as the company that manages the platform in the “Terms of Use” document. Under the “CFD Trading Rules”, the management between MT4 and Intermediate is governed by UK law.

We decided to ascertain the registration details of Stocks Trends and SafetyTrades in the registers of legal entities. As a result, we found only one of them in German — Stocks Trends, but this financial company has already ceased operations. Besides, these brands are absent in the list of brokerage organizations connected to MetaTrader 4. These are already red flags that warn us about the danger of working with a suspicious intermediary.


What are the key facts about SafetyTrades?

The anonymous owners of the innovative platform do not disclose anything about the location of their offices and registration of the legal entity, and also do not show scans of the license. The brands mentioned in the user documents are not subject to the legal jurisdiction of any country. Finally, the brokerage organization has no right to connect to the MT4 platform.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The hidden team indicates in the documents a management company that does not exist. Accordingly, the broker has no license and clients of this service have no legal protection. In addition, the broker provides a trading program that can be dangerous for your device, and the risk of your losses is increased by trading CFDs with huge leverage.

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