“Empowering Your Trading Journey” – a good attempt to attract attention by the broker RiveGarde, which will be examined in this review. Despite bold claims of 400,000 clients, there are very few comments about the firm on the internet. According to the phone numbers listed, the company has offices in Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. However, these are just guesses, as there are no real proofs. Nothing is said about regulation or the date of foundation, so we wonder whether it is safe to trade here or not.

How to Trade

RiveGarde clients gain access to trading currency pairs, securities, metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs. The minimum deposit is $250, depending on the type of account chosen by the trader.

RiveGarde offers 6 types of accounts in total, while there is no demo account. The better the tariff, the more services the user receives:

  • Technical support.
  • Expert chart and market analysis.
  • Membership for expertly managed account.
  • Weekly meetings with an expert analyst.
  • Access to the dealings department on WhatsApp.
  • And others.

According to the description on the official website, RiveGarde offers trading on the MetaTrader 5 platform (Windows, Mac, Android/iOS). The leverage is not higher than 1:10-1:50 and also depends on the tariff plan. However, the size of commissions and spreads is unknown.

RiveGarde Vital Info

Although the firm talks a lot about itself, specific data, unfortunately, is missing. For example, the date of the foundation remains a mystery to us. When did RiveGarde actually start operating? This might be indicated by the domain of the official website, more precisely, its registration date. The site appeared on July 20, 2023, so the broker is unlikely to have more than 1 year of experience.

No licenses are mentioned on the site; moreover, even the legal address is not listed. We checked some country registries for the phone numbers listed in the “contacts” section. For instance, there is no information about RiveGarde in FINMA and FCA.

Any broker must obtain a license to operate. And if a company really has regulation, it will list on its website the name of the financial commission, the license number, and a link to the registry. RiveGarde did not provide any of this.


What are the key facts about RiveGarde?

Firstly, the company's period of operation is less than a year. The foundation date is not disclosed, but conclusions can be drawn from the young domain that the broker has been operating relatively recently. Secondly, regulation is also ignored, with a quick check of two registries showing no licenses. Thirdly, the organization did not specify legal addresses and its business model. How are traders' transactions processed? Are they directed to liquidity providers or the interbank market? Unlikely. Client transactions are processed within the platform, as it is 100% B-Book.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Clients can use leverage, and this is one of the main reasons why more than 75% of traders lose their money on CFD trading. However, it is not the only risk. RiveGarde operates illegally, has a short period of operation, and a business model with a conflict of interest, so the likelihood of fraud is very high. Users may encounter problems with withdrawing money, while there is no regulator who could resolve the dispute in favor of the trader.

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