Today, we will review the broker Luxtious, which offers clients margin CFD trading. According to information from the official website, this firm is located in Comoros and holds a MISA license, but the only proofs are a registration number and legal address, which require additional verification. Meanwhile, other data about the activity are not disclosed for unknown reasons. Should one trust an offshore brokerage organization, or is it better not to take the risk?

How to Trade

You can start trading with Luxtious after registration and choosing a tariff plan. The initial deposit is relatively substantial – at least $2,500. At the same time, the broker does not offer a virtual account where one could practice.

Traders have access to 6 types of accounts. The logic behind the tariff lineup is simple: the better the account type, the more services available, but simultaneously, the higher the minimum deposit requirement. The list of additional services from Luxtious includes:

  • One-click trading.
  • Swap-free.
  • Daily analysis.
  • Special market coverage and events.
  • Private instant support.
  • VIP Personal Manager.
A table with current spreads is missing, and the size of commissions is not specified. Luxtious also offers leverage, but not higher than 1:200. Trading is conducted on WebTrader, and according to the official website, a mobile application for Android/iOS is available.

Luxtious Vital Info

On the website, there is a section where the broker talks about itself. However, it does not mention the foundation date, which looks quite dubious, as any transparent company would indicate when it was founded. Most likely, Luxtious began serving traders only in October 2023, because that’s when the domain of their official site was registered. Moreover, there aren’t many mentions on the internet to judge the platform as an old market participant.

The website’s footer mentions the MISA regulator and the legal entity name INTERMARKETS Corp. Ltd. Well, such a company is indeed authorized and regulated by MISA. However, the more important question is – are Luxtious and Intermarkets Corp. Ltd. the same? Or are they different firms? Unfortunately, we cannot know for sure.


What are the key facts about Luxtious?

The key factor is the short period of operation, as the company launched just a few months ago - after October 20, 2023. The firm is registered in the Comoros, and the MISA registry confirms this, but one should not jump to conclusions because offshore registration, as well as local regulation, significantly lags behind in reliability and security guarantees compared to non-offshore ones. Acquiring such a license can be done quickly and cheaply, but client funds are still in great danger. It is also worth noting the business model here is 100% B-Book, which already implies a conflict of interest.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The firm offers a leverage of 1:200, which entails huge risks. Most traders, more than 75%, lose their money on margin trading, so it is not suitable for everyone. However, Luxtious has another risk, more important and serious. The level of trust in offshore and young organizations is very low, such firms often turn out to be fraudulent, and even the presence of regulation does not save anyone from scam. Therefore, the main risk is losing money not because of your own fault, but due to the actions of the platform.

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