IRL Trading, claims to be registered in 2020 in Ireland and indicates its address in Dublin, but there is no confirmation. In addition, the web broker does not provide information about the owners of the company and its managers. It’s worth noting that the website does not list a license number and there are no copies of legal documents. Finally, the firm does not disclose the Terms of Service to clients. How safe is it to trade here? We will analyze the platform’s functionality and review important legal aspects to understand whether you can trust your capital to this broker.

How to Trade

IRL Trading offers clients CFD trading on various assets. CFDs are available on stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities, but do not imply ownership of these assets by the investor. To start, a trader needs to register on the platform and make a minimum deposit.

The broker does not provide potential clients with the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the client agreement during the registration process. There is a link to the “Terms of Service” under the registration form, but this document refers to the Google search engine, not to the relationship between the trader and IRL Trading.

You can open an account from 6 options offered by the broker. Many important parameters for trading are not specified in the description of tariff plans. Preliminary you can find out the following features of the selected account:

  • Minimum deposit, from $250 to $100,000.
  • Basic Trading Tools Intro.
  • Trading Signals, ETH/BTC arbitrage.

IRL Trading will provide you with a personal account manager after you deposit up to $5,000. The highest plans include bonus incentives. You have access to VIP accounts are available to you, where the broker determines the deposit amount and set of services individually with each client. There is a live chat on the website to contact an advisor.

IRL Trading Vital Info

The site’s owners position themselves as experts with “years of online trading experience” who came together to create the platform during the Covid pandemic. However, the story of the company’s establishment in 2020 Ireland is not backed up by copies of certificates, and the registration number of the company is not indicated. As for the domain, it was only registered in September 2023. In addition, we did not find information about “IRL Trading” in the register of the Companies Registration Office of Ireland and also did not find a legally registered office of the broker at the address it specified.

The real existence of the site is only a couple of months, according to the date of registration of its domain. Does this brokerage company really exist? Is it possible that such an organization does not exist in the legal field of Ireland? It is very likely that all information about its history on the site is falsified and is just a standard set of tricks in order to induce confidence in inexperienced traders.


What are the key facts about IRL Trading?

The company provides a false office address, it does not have a license, and the date of foundation is not documented and does not correspond to the date of registration of the website's domain name. Besides, it is not clear to us who regulates the financial activity, since we did not find any legal documents on this issue on this platform.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with IRL Trading?

An anonymous broker that provides incorrect information about itself is unlikely to help you earn a profit on its unknown platform with unclear trading conditions. You are more likely to lose all the funds that you deposit for risky CFD trading. By the way, in the USA, this type of trading is banned due to the huge number of people affected by the activities of specialized firms in this financial sector.

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