GC Option is a binary options broker with 15 years of market experience, claiming this method as the most popular way of making high profits with minimum effort, a statement we fundamentally disagree with. Legally, the firm is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and Seychelles, yet lacks a license. It’s associated with the forex broker Grand Capital, which seems to have created a separate legal entity for binary options services. Our review will help you decide whether it’s a trustworthy organization or not to be risked with.

How to Trade

GC Option offers traders 27 trading instruments and classic Call/Put, where one predicts the price direction within a set time. The minimum expiration is 1 minute, a deposit from $10, and a minimum deal of $1. Profitability can reach 86%.

The broker has three tariff plans:

  1. Silver. From $10, includes Webtrader Classic, a basic set of assets, free training, and analytics.
  2. Gold. From $100. Adds trading signals, access to WebTrader Pro and MT4, plus analytical tools.
  3. VIP. From $300. Offers a personal analyst, auto-trading, risk-free trades, and a 10% refund.

Newcomers can test the service with a demo account. The broker also offers bonus promotions and an affiliate program.

GC Option Vital Info

The firm everywhere claims to have 15 years of experience. If we consider the forex broker Grand Capital, it is true, but GC Option was clearly not launched so long ago. The domain of the broker’s official site, focused on binary options, was registered only in 2019, so there can be no talk of 15 years. This results in some slight misrepresentation.

Legally, the firm is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and also in the Seychelles. Meanwhile, parent company Grand Capital has a license from the Financial Commission, but GC Option does not possess any licenses. It should be considered that the trader signs an agreement precisely with the binary broker, which has no regulation, despite the connection with the main legal entity.


What are the key facts about GC Option?

Looking at the company's official site, one might think that it is a firm with 15 years of experience, but this is not quite so. Grand Capital has 15 years of experience, but the specific direction for binaries was launched only in 2019. There is no direct deception, but there is a slight misleading of users, and this is not very fair. The organization also lacks a license, and registration is offshore.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

In essence, the reliability and safety of GC Option are directly related to the main company, which has been operating for quite a long time. However, it should be kept in mind that these are binary options, which are not profitable to trade from a mathematical point of view because the potential win is less than the loss. And one must not forget about the risks of fraud, as after all, the trader signs an agreement with an offshore broker without a license.

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