The company claims to be a partner of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges. According to the information on the website, it is registered with the Union of Comoros and regulated by MISA. Besides, the global platform guarantees maximum security for clients’ investments, which are separate from the company’s funds.

How reliable is this project? In our review, we will determine whether Falcon Broker is legit, as well as tell you about its advantages and disadvantages.

How to Trade

Clients can trade cryptocurrency-denominated instruments in a range of CDI classes on the platform. The intermediary provides you with the following features:

  • Four pricing plans with minimum deposits ranging from 2,000 USDT to 250,000 USDT.
  • Spreads from 1.0 pips per second.
  • Commissions from 5 USDT per lot.

Falcon Broker does not specify the amount of leverage, but you must have at least 30% of your own funds to trade with the firm’s funds.

The Company declares that it is possible to terminate the Agreement with the client unilaterally and then terminate the user’s access to the Account without prior notice (Terms of Use, clause 16.5).

Please note that digital asset trading services does not involve the use of fiat deposits in any form. You may access trading and technical support.

Falcon Broker Vital Info

The brokerage firm does not disclose information about its history. As for the domain, it was not registered until May 2023. However, the site owners claim that the brand is owned by Finance Group LLC, registered with FSA number 2294 LLC dated 2022. Meanwhile, Future Finance Services LTD manages the platform, it has registration number HY00623016 and license T2023327 MISA. It’s worth noting that we found another brand, Ex-Cap, which has exactly the same credentials and its domain was created on May 9, 2022.

We checked the MWALI registry and indeed found Future Finance Services there with a listed license number issued on July 20, 2023. In addition, the website of the hero of our review belongs to this brokerage organization. However, we did not find the license in the official registers of FCA (UK) and ASIC (Australia), as the website lists British and Australian phone numbers. It is unclear to us why tech support is located in these jurisdictions where the broker is not authorized to operate.


What are the key facts about Falcon Broker?

The brand owners do not disclose the history of the project and do not provide a copy of the company's registration certificate. The brokerage firm managing this site has a MISA license, which it received in July 2023. However, this regulator does not allow the organization to engage in financial activities in the UK and Australia, where the technical support for this project is located.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The firm may operate in the offshore jurisdiction of the Comoros Union. Still, it has no authorization for brokerage activities by the regulatory authorities of other countries, such as Great Britain and Australia. In addition, cooperation with it poses a 100% risk of non-refund for you, since all payment transactions are made only in cryptocurrency.

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