Safety of assets, premium support, and market opportunities – these are the three pillars on which the offer to start trading from the broker Ex-Cap is based. The firm claims to be a trading name of the organization Future Finance Group LLC, which is registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in 2022, and also received a license from the little-known regulator MISA in 2023. However, there is no direct evidence to prove this is true. Unfortunately, other facts about the platform’s activities are missing, and there are not as many reviews on the internet as one would like.

How to Trade

Before starting to trade with Ex-Cap, it is necessary to choose one of the three types of accounts available after registering a personal account:

  1. Basic. Spreads from 1.5 points. The commission for cryptocurrencies is 5 USDT. Standard level technical support.
  2. Classic. Spreads from 1 point, premium support, and no commission.
  3. Individual. Zero spreads and a dedicated personal manager.

Clients have access to over 100 assets: forex, metals, indices, commodities, crypto, and stocks. The minimum order volume at Ex-Cap starts from 0.01 lot, and the maximum leverage is limited to 1:200.

The Ex-Cap trading platform is available in all versions: webtrader, desktop, and mobile. No additional fees for installation and management are charged. Nothing is said about a demo account.

Ex-Cap Vital Info

When did the firm start operating? This question is interesting, as the official website says nothing about this, apart from the registration number in the FSA, which dates back to 2022. There are too few reviews on the internet about Ex-Cap to judge the firm as some old and well-known brokerage intermediary. Meanwhile, the domain of the official website was registered in 2022, so it is logical to assume that this year was indeed the launch of the platform.

Regarding regulatory compliance, Ex-Cap shares information about the legal entity Future Finance Group LLC, which is indeed registered in SVGFSA in 2022, and is also listed in the Financial Commission MISA. However, in MISA, a completely different website,, is indicated.

Why does Future Finance Group LLC have a different website in the official registry than This raises certain suspicions.


What are the key facts about Ex-Cap?

The platform was launched in 2022, which was confirmed by the domain registered in the same year. Meanwhile, the broker indicates registration in the offshore location of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, as well as having regulation from MISA (Mwali). However, a completely different website is presented in the official registries. Also, the company seems to conceal its business model, which is very likely a 100% B-book.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Firstly, one must not forget the risks associated with margin CFD trading. Due to leverage, the majority of traders lose their money, with the statistics of losing users being over 75%. Secondly, Ex-Cap cannot provide guarantees of reliability and security, so client funds are absolutely unprotected. The company can steal them, inventing any reason, such as account blocking or a simple scam. It is a huge risk that makes no sense to take.

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like Ex-Cap?

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