This review is dedicated to the broker, where clients can trade CFDs and engage in spread betting. According to information from the official website, it is an international organization with offices on various continents and licenses from FCA, CySEC, SCB, ASIC, and FSA. The company’s headquarters are based in the United Kingdom. The firm was founded by Viktor Prokopenya in 2016. However, can one trust such a brokerage intermediary? What trading conditions are offered to clients? How do traders review the platform?

How to Trade allows trading in stocks, metals, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and currency pairs on a modern in-house developed platform with zero commissions. The minimum deposit is $20. As an alternative, MetaTrader 4 or the popular service Tradingview can be used.

Clients have the following opportunities with

  • A demo account for testing the platform.
  • Free educational materials, including videos, articles, and a glossary.
  • An economic calendar, news feed, and analytics.
Leverage depends on the jurisdiction in which the trader is located. For example, for residents of the UK, it’s not higher than 1:20, while for other countries, it can go up to 1:200. It’s essential not to forget about the risks when using leverage. It multiplies not only potential profits but also potential losses. Vital Info

The company began operating in 2016, which is an average duration for a forex broker. However, the domain was registered way back in 1991 but was later acquired by the firm. A large number of online reviews confirm’s tenure.

The main legal entity is registered in the United Kingdom, and this is true. The official website provides a registration number with Companies House, which can be verified. has also obtained a license from the FCA. In addition, licenses have been obtained from CySEC, SCB, SFSA, and ASIC. In general, the list is impressive.

Depending on the trader’s residency, the broker’s account is opened with a specific legal entity, so trading conditions may differ. Citizens of the UK have one set of conditions, and different for residents of other countries.


What are the key facts about

The company was founded in 2016 by Viktor Prokopenya. During this period, it has obtained several licenses in different jurisdictions. More than 500,000 accounts have been opened here, with a daily trading volume of $530 billion. Client funds are held in segregated accounts. However, information about the business model is not disclosed, so it is likely a classic dealing desk with a conflict of interest. It is supported by zero commissions and low spreads.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Since uses a business model with a conflict of interest, it should be understood that it is not in their interest when traders make money but rather when they lose. It's also crucial not to forget the risks associated with the use of leverage. More than 74% of users lose their money in margin trading.

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