Xeodis is a CFD broker managed by Capital Connected Ltd, registered in the Union of Comoros where it also obtained its license. However, what this truly entails is yet to be discovered. Little is known about the company, and reviews online also do not provide any information. Such a firm raises more questions and doubts rather than trust. And still, is it safe to trade here? How profitable is it? Is the platform convenient?

How to Trade

Before starting to trade with Xeodis, one must decide on the type of account, of which there are 6 options offered here:

  • Beginner from $500.
  • Basic, $5,000.
  • Trader – the minimum deposit is $20,000.
  • Premium form $50,000.
  • Investor – $250,000 or more.
  • VIP – 1 million dollars.

The minimum deposit is quite high – $500. The broker also offers leverage of 1:400, which contradicts the requirements of financial regulators. Xeodis provides access to WebTrader with one-click trading and mobile phone adaptation.

In total, more than 2,000 assets are available here, as well as free education and additional widgets: an economic calendar, market news, and others. A demo account in Xeodis is not available, so it won’t be possible to try the service with virtual money.

Xeodis Vital Info

The period of operation is not stated on the site, likely because the firm has something to hide. The approximate launch date of the platform can be inferred from when the domain of the official website was registered. This occurred on February 1, 2024, which is quite recent. Now it’s clear why Xeodis concealed their period of operation, as it is very short.

Xeodis shares with us that it is managed by Capital Connected Ltd, which is registered in Comoros and owns a license from MISA under the number BFX2024026.

A search in the MISA registry showed that under the number BFX2024026, there is a company named Capital Connect Ltd. Note that the xeodis.com website mentions “Connected,” while in the registry it’s “Connect”. However, what’s more interesting is that next to the name, a website – cauvocapital.com is listed. What does the broker CauvoCapital have to do with this? It looks very suspicious, doesn’t it?


What are the key facts about Xeodis?

We managed to find out that the broker only began operations in 2024, as its site was registered quite recently. Naturally, such a period is considered very short. We also checked the legal data listed on the official website. They belong to a legal entity named Capital Connect Ltd, which manages the broker CauvoCapital. What relation does our review's subject have to this organization? It seems that the firm just took someone else's data and is hiding behind it, while it is actually not registered anywhere, meaning it operates without a license.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Besides the risk of losing money due to the use of leverage, one should remember another, more serious risk. Since Xeodis is an illegal firm operating without a license and has only been doing so for a very short time, it could easily turn out to be fraudulent, thus appropriating client funds for itself. In other words, you might deposit money into your account here, but withdrawing it may be impossible.

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