The brokerage firm promises to provide “first-class services” to traders. According to its appeals, you will “plunge into a safe trading environment” and start “trading confidently around the world”. However, the website lacks key information: how long the company has been operating, whether it has a license, and the names of its managers.

How reliable is this financial organization? In our review of Winstone Investment Group, we will look at the legal aspects and trading conditions and find out whether you can cooperate with this broker or you should not trust it.

How to Trade

Clients can choose a trading account from 5 tariffs, which differ in leverage size and are structured by a minimum deposit. After registering on the site, you will receive the following services:

  • MT4 trading platform.
  • 6 asset classes, including commodities and cryptocurrencies.
  • Executions on high-speed servers.
  • Secure environment with a high level of encryption.

The bonus program provides for a minimum trading volume for the withdrawal of funds, which is equal to 1/4 of the bonus amount.

The company may deduct taxes or fees from the client’s account. It does not specify the size of spreads, commissions, and their types.

Additional options are presented as daily news, portfolio manager, trading academy, etc. There are 4 social media symbols on the site, but they are inactive.

Winstone Investment Group Vital Info

The founding date of the project is not listed on its official website. In addition, there are no copies of registration documents. It is worth noting that such concealment of important information is not typical for an honest financial firm. However, we can determine the launch date of the platform by its domain, which was created in July 2023.

We are aware that the 1:100 leverage offered by the firm is banned in UK brokerages. Another red flag is the questionable address of the London headquarters, which only lists the area of the city. We checked Winstone Investment Group on the legal register and FCA listings and confirmed that it operates without registration in the UK and without a license, as the brand is not mentioned on these government resources. Perhaps we are wasting our time looking for evidence of this organization’s legitimate operation.


What are the key facts about Winstone Investment Group?

The firm hides its history, its location is unknown. The platform operates without registering a legal entity in the UK and without FCA authorization. In addition, the interface design is just black text on a white background, which is not typical for a decent financial organization.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

If you decide to cooperate with anonymous resource owners who do not have a license and registration of a legal entity, you are guaranteed to lose all your investment money. You should not take risks on a platform with such a huge deposit, which is necessary to start trading CFDs with a leverage that exceeds more than 3 times the leverage allowed in the UK.

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