The services of this brokerage firm, according to the owners of the resource, are used by more than 2 million traders from 35 countries. In addition, on its official website, there are many reviews from grateful customers from different continents who speak enthusiastically about many years of successful cooperation with this company. However, we are alarmed by the lack of information about the location of this organization, the presence of a license, and the history of the project.

Is it safe for you to trade on this platform? You will find the answer in our WeFinancial review, in which we analyze the trading conditions and legal aspects of this broker.

How to Trade

The trading platform has limited functionality, without advanced options. The intermediary offers 6 types of accounts. The trading conditions contain only the minimum deposit amounts and leverage, other parameters are not disclosed.

You can use the following services:

  • Access to arbitrage.
  • Bonus program.
  • Negative balance protection.

Withdrawal fee is 1%, but not less than $30 and not more than $300. You can order a withdrawal of at least $100 and the Bitcoin equivalent of $250. Requests are processed within 48 hours.

Traders must undergo personal documents and address verification. The exact duration of the procedure is not specified.

You will find educational resources, a glossary, ebooks, and analytics on the site. Admission to webinars is available at certain account levels.

WeFinancial Vital Info

The founders and team members of the brokerage are not featured on its website. In the “About Us” section, there are only vague statements about the project’s mission, and the start date is listed as “a long time ago.” The only date there is in the internal documents is the approval of their latest versions dated February 13, 2020. However, this contradicts the domain registration date of June 1, 2023. Could an online service operate without a website?

The legal address, place, and registration number of the firm are not disclosed on its official website. It is not clear to us where to address the client in case of a disputable situation. According to the “Bonus Policy”, all disputes are resolved “in the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Republic of Estonia”. Meanwhile, we did not find WeFinancial in the global registry; it is not available in any country, including Estonia. Most likely, the platform is operated by private individuals who do not have a license.


What are the key facts about WeFinancial?

The platform is operated by anonymous owners who do not provide key aspects such as the date of the project's founding, license, company registration number, and legal address. The information about 2 million clients is not documented. This organization is not in any register of legal entities, so the statement about working in 35 countries is not substantiated.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Our review revealed numerous signs that this broker is operating illegally and cannot be trusted. In addition to the lack of registration and regulation of the company, which guarantees the protection of clients' interests, there are great risks of losses when trading with leverage up to 1:400. Authoritative commissions limit this parameter to 1:30.

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