The Monaco-based brokerage company promises to help all customers trade profitably. It positions itself as ‘one of the fastest growing online CFD and FX intermediaries in the world’ with more than 80 thousand clients. However, there are no supporting documents about the registration and license of the company on the official website.

How reliable is this platform? In our review of WDRCapital, we’ll examine how the broker works and whether it provides clients with safe trading.

How to Trade

Clients have access to 6 asset classes, including metals and cryptocurrencies. There are three types of trading accounts available on the platform, which are structured according to the minimum deposit amount. You can take advantage of the following offers:

  • 70 types of currency pairs.
  • Leverage from 1:20 to 1:50.
  • Deposit insurance and protection.

Deposit/withdrawal fees, spread, transfer limits, and other important parameters are not disclosed. Islamic account is not offered.

The intermediary warns investors they are solely responsible for any financial losses.

Analytics is provided by TradingView table with online asset quotes for the top 20 advanced countries. The firm offers 24/5 customer support.

WDRCapital Vital Info

When was this “award-winning platform” launched and by whom? That’s a good question that we didn’t find an answer to on the official website. According to the “User Agreement” approved on August 23, 2023, the launch date should be no later than August last year. However, the date of domain registration refutes our logical conclusion – it was created in April 2024. So, the project was founded quite recently.

How is the brokerage activity of this firm regulated? “The place of business is Belize”, where the client is subject to “local laws”, as stated in the “User Agreement”. What does the company have to do with Monaco, where the address of its headquarters is listed? None! We did not find the WDRCapital office at the given address and the brand is absent from the global registry of legal entities. Such an organization likely has no registration and license.


What are the key facts about WDRCapital?

The anonymous owner of the site does not provide accurate information about its activities. Regulation in Belize and an office in Monaco have not been verified by checks of the registries of legal entities in these jurisdictions. Copies of certificates and licenses for financial activities are not available on this platform.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

An extremely negative sign is the lack of confirmation of licensing and registration of a legal entity. In addition, the intermediary is not reliable, since you have no refund options in case of problems with the terminal or financial transactions.

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