ViseFX is a CFD broker offering a multi-asset trading platform. The firm boasts impressive claims: $24 billion in daily turnover, 10 million registered users, and an office in the UK. The legal entity behind it is Pibex Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. The company even introduces us to its team, with the CEO being businesswoman Emily Elfie. However, there are surprisingly few reviews online for a platform with 10 million traders, and there’s no licensing information available. So, is it safe to trade here? Let’s delve deeper.

How to Trade

To start trading with ViseFX, you need a minimum deposit of $249, as this is the required amount to open the first type of account. The broker offers three different account types:

  • Beginner from $249. The tariff includes the financial advisor, your dashboard, components included, auto trader, and daily signals.
  • Premium from $499. Additionally offered educational sessions.
  • Ultimate from $1,499.ViseFX opens all its services to the owners of this tariff: unlimited devices, unlimited withdrawals, and algo trading.

ViseFX hides crucial details: commissions, spread sizes, and the type of spreads. And the maximum leverage of 1:1000 suggests a lack of regulation.

Clients can trade stocks, metals, commodities, forex, and other asset classes. All instruments are presented as CFDs. There are educational videos available, and 24/7 technical support.

ViseFX Vital Info

The company doesn’t mention when it was founded. Notably, the founding date is a crucial detail in any broker’s history. Given that the domain was registered only in May 2023, ViseFX can’t possibly have a long operational history. The number of reviews online is also scanty. Moreover, the legal entity, Pibex Ltd, was also registered in May 2023.

The broker doesn’t mention any licenses, suggesting that the firm might not be regulated. However, ViseFX lists an office address in the UK, implying they should have a license from the FCA. However, if one tries to find this organization in the UK’s financial commission registry, it comes up empty. The conclusion is simple – the company operates without a license.


What are the key facts about ViseFX?

So, the red flags identified with the broker include a lack of information on essential operational details, such as duration of operation, business model, and licenses; a fresh domain created in May 2023; offshore registration in the Marshall Islands; absence of an FCA license, which should be present; and seemingly fabricated claims of 10 million traders and multi-billion daily trade turnovers.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The primary risk is losing money, not due to one's fault, but because the company turns out to be fraudulent. It's not advisable to collaborate with illegal firms such as ViseFX; always choose a firm with licenses and legal documents that attest to the organization's reliability.

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