Venz Capital highlights the company’s years of experience and its outstanding client base around the world ‌on its website. In addition, the service allegedly provides fast execution of orders, guaranteeing the safety of clients’ funds and personal data. However, the website does not contain information about the place of registration, the address of the company’s office, and the presence of a license.

We will review ‌trading conditions and check legal documents to make sure that the broker is reliable. Or maybe we will conclude that it is not safe for you to trade on this platform.

How to Trade

The company offers forex and CFD trading services on stocks, indices, and other assets. It promises clients guaranteed protection against negative balances.

The system accepts US dollars, pounds sterling, and euros for payment via Visa/MasterCard. However, all transactions are automatically converted to US dollars.

Venz Capital has developed 4 types of accounts with minimum deposits starting from $300. Meanwhile, the FAQ page lists a base wire transfer of $100. The minimum withdrawal amount is declared to be $10, and the withdrawal time takes no more than 30 minutes.

The broker provides the following services:

  • Review of financial events.
  • Ticker quotes of the main assets.
  • Trading methods and tactics for making a profit.

The firm also provides 24/7 support for traders. The language panel of the interface works in English and German. You can read political and economic news affecting ‌world markets.

Venz Capital Vital Info

We have thoroughly reviewed the Terms and Conditions and the company’s history provided by its managers. However, we did not find any specific data about the project launch, the platform owners, or the company’s roadmap. In addition, we did not find the Venz Capital brand in any registry of legal entities of possible suitable countries.

Although the company claims to have been operating for many years and has over 60,000 satisfied customers using the platform, we cannot confirm the legality of its activities. As for the domain, it was registered in May 2023 and this contradicts the data on the duration of the project. If a company has all the necessary certificates of registration and licenses, why does it hide such information, which is important for its reputation and customer confidence?

NewsPerhaps as of May 2024, the domain has expired, as the company is now available at, created in January 2024.


What are the key facts about Venz Capital?

The broker operates without regulation of its activities by financial authorities. On its website, there is no important information about the registration number, legal address, and license of this company. The organization is not listed in the registers of suitable jurisdictions, such as the FCA and some others.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The anonymous company does not publish legal information about itself, such as registration and license. Also, the financial organization hides the size of commission fees, leverage, and other trading conditions. All these factors, together with CFD trading, significantly increase the risks of losing your invested funds.  

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like Venz Capital?

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