In this review, we will examine the broker TrustsCapital, which confidently claims to be a global leader among brokerage intermediaries, a claim we seriously doubt. Why would a “global leader” hide its founding date, not show registration documents, and not disclose information regarding regulation and business model? Yes, offices in the BVI and the United Kingdom are mentioned, but it’s not certain that it is true. Overall, is it profitable to trade here? And what about reliability and safety? Can the company be trusted?

How to Trade

To start trading with TrustsCapital, one needs to have at least $5,000. This is the required amount to open the first type of account, and even more for other types. The firm hasn’t come up with anything unique and has followed a well-trodden path – several types of accounts are available to clients, and the better the account, the more favorable the conditions.

All clients have access to customer support, a minimum order size of 0.01 lot, and tight spreads. Meanwhile, TrustsCapital offers leverage up to 1:200, more than 300-1,500 assets, and a reliable platform. Commissions and specific spread sizes are not disclosed.

If the official website is to be believed, the broker provides access to the trading platform MetaTrader 4. However, the terminal actually offered to traders does not resemble MetaTrader 4.

TrustsCapital Vital Info

The company reveals little about itself, so it can confidently be characterized as opaque. The duration of its operation is unknown, but we can refer to a special service to check when the domain was registered, as TrustsCapital could not operate without it. The domain was registered on September 6, 2023. Therefore, it is unlikely to be an experienced broker and a global leader in the forex industry.

The headquarters is located in the British Virgin Islands, with a branch in the United Kingdom. To conduct legal activities in both jurisdictions, TrustsCapital would have needed to obtain a license.

Checks with the FCA and BVI FSC registries yielded nothing; such a company does not exist there. How can a firm operate legally without a license? It cannot. Most likely, the addresses listed on the website are not real.


What are the key facts about TrustsCapital?

We found out that the company has been operating since September 2023, as that was when the domain of the official website was registered. Meanwhile, the firm does not disclose its founding date, although it claims to have solid experience. Moreover, the organization generally does not reveal anything about itself, only listing fake addresses in the UK and BVI. The broker is not licensed in these jurisdictions and is not a registered legal entity. What about the business model? It is not specified, but it is not hard to guess that it is 100% B-Book, which does not send client orders to liquidity providers but processes them internally. It indicates a conflict of interest.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Despite the high risk associated with margin trading, we would like to highlight a risk of a different kind. TrustsCapital is an illegal broker that has not been operating for long and cannot provide guarantees of reliability and security. All this suggests potential fraud, meaning the impossibility of withdrawing funds. It is the main risk of cooperating with this platform.

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