More than 5 years of operation and over 20,000 clients – these are the results boasted by the cryptocurrency broker Trading Levels PTY LTD, which we will discuss further in this review. The company is based in the United Kingdom, while for some reason it provides a license from ASIC, the Australian regulator, and not from the FCA, which regulates the activities of British firms. In addition, more than 200 professional employees work here, ready to assist all clients. What conditions are offered here and can the organization be trusted with money? Let’s figure it out.

How to Trade

Judging by the official website, Trading Levels PTY LTD specializes in cryptocurrency. Traders have access to a user-friendly platform with intuitive navigation. At the same time, the minimum deposit and additional services depend on the account type:

  1. Silver. The minimum deposit is $10,000. Margin loan up to 50%, daily market review and progress report, personal manager, webinars and analysts, sessions with certified accountant, and others.
  2. Gold. From $50,000. The same services, but on more favorable terms, plus customized education, signals, in-depth research, and invites to VIP events.
  3. Platinum. From $100,000. Additionally, Trading Levels PTY LTD offers a wealth manager, more ROI, and more tight spreads.
  4. Corporate. From $500,000. The most favorable conditions, as well as 5% interest on your cash balance, and a dedicated team of advisors.

Trading Levels PTY LTD Vital Info

The broker has been operating for more than 5 years, but this information is from the official website. In reality, there are serious suspicions that this is not the case. The domain of Trading Levels PTY LTD was registered only in October 2023, and the number of reviews on the internet is too small. It is absolutely uncharacteristic for a company with a five-year history.

The only address that can be found for the firm is an office in the UK, while a file showing a license from ASIC is uploaded. Indeed, such a license exists in ASIC, but it is unlikely that it belongs to the hero of our review, because the license was issued back in 2007, while the company claims to have been operating for just over 5 years. However, there are other questions for Trading Levels PTY LTD. Why is there a license from the Australian ASIC, but no address in this jurisdiction? Why is there an office in London, but no license from the FCA? There are too many contradictions in one place.


What are the key facts about Trading Levels PTY LTD?

The company claims to have been operating for more than 5 years, but at the same time, it has a very young domain, registered in October 2023, and online reviews are too scarce. There is a document indicating a license from ASIC, but judging by the date of 2007, it is some other organization. At the same time, there is no office in Australia, but there is one in the UK. Where is the license from the British FCA then? There is nothing in the registries. The firm also boasts of 20,000 employees, open vacancies for various positions, and safe storage of client funds.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

When a broker has so many contradictory facts and unclear moments, it is better not to take risks and refuse to open a brokerage account. Why take the risk? If Trading Levels PTY LTD were indeed a safe and experienced intermediary, there would be legal documents on the site confirming the license and the presence of offices. Everything is too suspicious and murky, so it is not recommended to invest money here. You can easily deposit funds, but withdrawing them will be a problem.

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