This young company claims to have a unique and award-winning trading platform. It is worth noting that the brand, registered in Poland, promises to provide traders with direct access to bank liquidity. In addition, on the official website, we found the ambitious plans of the project owners, who aim to attract 20 thousand active clients by the end of this year. Can you entrust your capital to this firm? Is it safe and profitable for you to cooperate with it? During the review, we will consider the conditions offered by Swiss Pay Ltd, its pros and cons, and then conclude the reliability of this broker.

How to Trade

The broker offers clients a universal platform that works in desktop and mobile versions. You will receive the following services after account registration:

  • Six types of trading plans with a minimum deposit from $100 to $100,000.
  • Savings account with a monthly interest payment at a fixed rate of 21-37%.
  • PAMM Account, IPO Participation, Arbitrage, Copy Trading, Account Insurance.

You can use more than 150 trading instruments on markets from currencies and stocks to commodities and cryptocurrencies.

Swiss Pay Ltd emphasizes that any disputes that cannot be resolved between the client and the company will be dealt with exclusively in the courts.

The company guarantees fast execution of transactions and offers to trade on timeframes from 1 minute to 1 month.

Swiss Pay Ltd Vital Info

The company specifies one date – 2024, which we found in the footer of the official website. We checked the domain registration and saw that it corresponds to the stated term of the brokerage firm. The founders of the resource are not inclined to falsify the age of their project, which positively characterizes the young company.

This CFD broker is registered in Poland, an EU country, where financial activity is regulated. In addition, the company guarantees clients judicial protection in case they disagree with the administration of the resource. It is worth noting that Swiss Pay Ltd uses ECN accounts. Accordingly, the modern platform does not practice the dubious technology of the dealing center.


What are the key facts about Swiss Pay Ltd?

The company is registered in Poland and its headquarters are located in Warsaw. The broker is regulated by the financial authorities of this European country. The firm has no conflicts of interest with clients, thanks to the trading process through the electronic communication network.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Our analysis has shown that this financial organization complies with all the rules and regulations of the market. The ECN technology used is known to provide automatic communication between buyers and sellers in the Forex and securities markets. It should be noted that this system helps investors to perform transactions quickly and cheaply.

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