The brokerage company considers itself a leader in the stock market, as it offers its clients the opportunity to trade on exchanges around the world. In addition, the intermediary promises traders to protect their investments through modern security measures. However, the firm does not specify the start date or place of registration and is silent about the availability of a license.

Should you believe these claims and invest your money in this project? In our Stanford Financial review, we will find out what kind of broker it is and how risky it is for you to trade here.

How to Trade

The brokerage organization promises users smooth trading and 24/7 support from a “team of experienced financial experts”. You will find on the platform:

  • 5 asset classes, including forex and cryptocurrencies.
  • 5 trading plans with minimum deposits ranging from $250 – $100,000.
  • Bonus and referral programs.

Transactions are made in cryptocurrency or via bank cards. Your withdrawal request will be processed within 10 days.

For some unknown reason, Stanford Financial does not provide any information about swaps, spreads, commissions, and does not even mention the size of leverage.

Additional services such as stock quotes, market news, and educational resources are available on the site. Tech support helps customers around the clock.

Stanford Financial Vital Info

CEO, James Thompson, is presented on the site not only as a leader but also as a visionary with extensive experience in CFD trading. It is worth noting that there are no other facts about the history of the company. As for the lifespan of the project, the footer of the site indicates 2011. Besides, all internal documents contain the date 13/02/2020. However, the domain was not created until March 2024, which tells us that the broker is very fresh, as this is the only confirmed start date for the platform.

The UK phone number listed on the website suggests that the brand is registered in this country. However, we did not find Stanford Financial Ltd. in the UK register of legal entities. In addition, the firm is not authorized by the FCA regulator. We wonder why the broker is hiding information about its location and the licensing of its activities.


What are the key facts about Stanford Financial?

The broker does not disclose its registered office or financial license. There are no copies of the firm's certificates of incorporation. A fresh domain indicates a negligible duration of the project.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

You should not invest in the account of this dubious firm that has no proof of registration and regulation. You risk losing your entire investment in CFD trading, as well as in cryptocurrency transactions where there is no possibility of a chargeback.

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