The history of the crypto broker Smart Trade Limited began in 2016. At least, that’s what is stated on the official website, which also mentions cooperation with the Security Traders Association (STA). The firm boasts a single license from the regulator “European Financial Authority.” Despite having its headquarters in the United Kingdom, there is no regulation from the Financial Conduct Authority, which is odd. Regarding reviews on the internet – they are few, so the platform does not inspire trust. Well, can this company be trusted?

How to Trade

Smart Trade Limited offers to start trading financial assets with a minimum deposit of 250 euros. However, the more opportunities a client wants, the higher the deposit required. The broker has 7 tariffs, which differ in balance requirements and additional services.

Clients can gain access to an analytical center, training, financial support, consultations, making trades over the phone, and portfolio creation. Educational resources include online webinars, conferences, and strategies.

The firm specializes in cryptocurrency but also provides access to other asset classes. All instruments are represented only in CFDs. Commissions are not specified, only marked as low. The sizes of spreads and leverage are also unknown.

Smart Trade Limited Vital Info

Was the broker really launched in 2016? How can they confirm this? We found facts that contradict such a period of operation. For instance, the domain of the website was registered in October 2023, and without a website, the company could not operate. The number of online reviews about Smart Trade Limited is so small that it’s very difficult to believe in a 7-year operation period.

The European Financial Authority regulator, which issued the company a license, looks no less suspicious. The website of this regulatory body is just as young, as it was created on August 28, 2023.

Smart Trade Limited should obtain a license from the FCA, as its headquarters are in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. However, there is no such firm in the FCA’s register. Moreover, the Companies House register of legal entities also does not know about the existence of the broker.


What are the key facts about Smart Trade Limited?

The domain of the website is very young, having been registered in October 2023, casting doubt on the stated founding date of 2016. Suspicions fall not only on the founding date but also on the license from FINAEU. It is an unknown regulator, which is unlikely to be official or legal. However, the most important thing was revealed by checking the UK registries, as the broker was not found in either Companies House or the FCA. Therefore, the headquarters in London is also fake.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Marginal trading of cryptocurrencies and other asset classes carries a high risk, with more than 75% of traders losing their money due to their own mistakes, so this type of activity is not suitable for everyone. In addition to this, the above-mentioned facts should be considered. Especially the lack of a license and the legal entity Smart Trade Limited in the UK, despite having an office in London. And the most significant risk when cooperating with such organizations is a scam. In other words, the impossibility of withdrawing funds.

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