Skyion Group is based in Norway – a somewhat unusual choice for registering a legal entity, but unfortunately, the firm cannot confirm this. That platform was founded by traders who understand all the needs of clients. Well, let’s take their word for it. Unfortunately, the founding date is not specified, nor are any licenses. What’s wrong with a brokerage organization that hides such important facts about its activity? Let’s try to figure it out in our review, as we need to understand whether the company is safe and profitable or not.

How to Trade

Before starting to trade with Skyion Group, it is necessary to choose one of four types of accounts:

  • Standard. Leverage up to 1:50, with no additional services.
  • Silver. Leverage up to 1:100.
  • Gold. Leverage expanded to 1:200, and includes advanced charts.
  • Platinum. Leverage 1:300, swap discount 25%, free VPS, webinars, and assistance from a dedicated personal manager.

Skyion Group provides access to a modern platform adapted for mobile phones. At least, that’s how it is described on the official website. Clients can trade currency pairs, metals, indices, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and commodities.

The firm hides the size of commissions and spreads. Moreover, a high leverage up to 1:300 suggests non-compliance with regulatory requirements. Therefore, Skyion Group likely operates without licenses.

Skyion Group Vital Info

Before choosing a broker to open an account, it is necessary to study the facts of its activity. One such factor is the period of operation. Unfortunately, Skyion Group does not disclose the exact date of its founding, but we can understand approximately when the platform was launched. The domain registration date of the official website, December 10, 2023, suggests this. It is unlikely to be an old and experienced brokerage intermediary.

The second important fact is regulation. Any broker, including Skyion Group, must obtain a license from financial commissions. However, the company says nothing about licenses, and it is not listed in the Norwegian regulator’s register. Moreover, the legality of the activity as a whole is in question, as the organization is not found in the Norwegian legal entities register. All of this is very suspicious.


What are the key facts about Skyion Group?

The founding date is not specified, but judging by the official domain, the company started operating quite recently. So, the real period of operation is very short. In addition, the firm says nothing about regulation, and such an organization is not found on the financial commission's register. It means that the activity is illegal. There are questions about the registration in Norway, as this broker is not listed in the register. Essentially, the platform is covert, as it tells us nothing about itself. Even its business model remains a secret, but it is not hard to guess that it is a 100% B-book.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Here, margin trading with high leverage is offered, and it is the first risk. This type of activity is not suitable for everyone, as statistics show sad numbers - more than 75% of traders lose their money in the financial markets. However, we consider the main risk of Skyion Group to be its illegal activity. Such firms can easily refuse to allow users to withdraw funds, either by inventing some reason or simply ignoring clients.

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