The project SafeAssets offers clients investments in the cryptocurrency sphere, including DeFi, p2p, NFT, dApps development, yield farming, and hedge funds. The company has been operating for over 7 years, during which a platform for investors was launched. Legally, the firm is located in the UK, however, no licenses are mentioned on the website. The organization also lists many partners, makes statements about a professional team, presence in 60 countries, but the number of reviews is too small for such claims. It looks highly suspicious, so there’s a need to study this project further.

How to Invest

SafeAssets offers investors five different investment packages, which vary in minimum deposit, profitability, and term of fund placement:

  1. 1 month. The minimum amount is $50 and yields 0.24%.
  2. 3 months. From $200, a 0.27% profit.
  3. 6 months. From $500, 0,3%/daily.
  4. 9 months. From $1,000, 0,4%.
  5. 1 year. From $5,000. 0,5%/daily.

Creating multiple personal accounts is prohibited, but you can open an infinite number of deposits. Verification in SafeAssets is not required, which is typical for HYIPs. Clients can earn additional income through the affiliate program. It consists of two levels: the first level offers a 3% reward, and the second – 1%. Deposit transfers are available using cryptocurrency, bank transfers, and credit/debit cards. A 2% commission is charged for withdrawals.

SafeAssets Vital Info

The company confidently claims a long operating period, specifically, more than 7 years, while the investment platform was only launched in 2022. If you look at the legal entity Urbi Et Orbi Ltd, you can find information that it was registered in 2022. Also, the first reviews about SafeAssets appeared in 2022. Why do the founders talk about the mysterious experience since 2015 if it cannot be confirmed? By the way, the domain was also purchased in 2022.

It is a British firm that should be regulated by the FCA, but there is no license. SafeAssets operates illegally. And this is easy to understand due to the high interest rates, a two-level affiliate program, and the absence of mandatory KYC for investors.


What are the key facts about SafeAssets?

The true operating period of the project is 1 year. Moreover, this investment company should obtain a license from the regulator, but it has not done so. Various partnerships with Curve, Compound, Mdex, and other cryptocurrency services are mentioned, but it's doubtful they have any real connection to the subject of our review. Legally, it is based in the UK, and it is true because the specified legal entity does exist there.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this company?

All the signs of a financial pyramid are evident: the absence of a license, a range of tariff plans, high profitability, daily payouts, and an affiliate program. The main problem with HYIPs is that they eventually collapse like a house of cards, and investors lose their money. Sooner or later, SafeAssets will close, or perhaps it has already closed and is not making money withdrawals. Investing here is a significant risk that at any moment the return of funds will be impossible. Moreover, it's impossible to find the fraudsters and recover the damage.

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