RoyalDiam offers its clients trading on the exchange and investment in assets. The company claims to have been established in 2015, which is confirmed by the age of the domain. The company’s office is located in Monaco, and the legal entity is registered in the Republic of Vanuatu. Its activities are not regulated by any authority. Do you think trading here is safe?

How to Trade

Consumers can trade various assets, including stocks, indices, futures, bonds, and with a deposit of 1000 dollars or more, cryptocurrencies and metals. Additionally, customers can invest, and some users have access to deposit insurance and personal support. The minimum deposit is $150, and the leverage is 1:100. RoyalDiam offers three types of accounts:

  • Newbie.
  • With experience.
  • Professional.

RoyalDiam Vital Info

The company claims to have been established in 2015, and its website was founded at the same time. However, we are not sure if the broker has been active all this time, as there are very few reviews about it online.

From the user agreement, we learned that RoyalDiam is registered in the Republic of Vanuatu. This zone is considered offshore. We did not find any information about regulation on their website. Do you think that just one registration is enough to trust the company?


What are the key facts about RoyalDiam?

The main problems of the broker are offshore registration and lack of regulation. Scammers often register in offshore zones to bypass legislation, so it is important to be more cautious with such organizations.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Trading CFDs with a leverage of 1:100, offered by RoyalDiam, is quite risky. Additionally, the lack of reviews and reputation is concerning. This could indicate that the company will soon close, as it has nothing to lose.

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like RoyalDiam?

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Do you have information about reliable and safe companies?

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