RGN Financial Planning Ltd promises to be the place where traders’ ambitions will be fulfilled. The broker ensures that it takes a responsible approach to each client and strives to meet all their trading expectations. Unfortunately, the company does not disclose any history, and its official website was only created in the fall of 2023, indicating a relatively short period of operation. Additionally, there are no mentions of any licenses obtained by the firm on its website. The company claims to have offices in the United Kingdom, but there is no confirmation that the legal entity has actually been incorporated in this jurisdiction. Well, let’s delve into all the confusion surrounding this company in this review.

How to Trade

RGN Financial Planning Ltd only allows trading on a real account, and it does not provide a demo account to its traders. Clients can choose from five different account types, each requiring a specific minimum deposit. Unfortunately, the minimum deposit is relatively high, starting at £5,000. The other accounts need deposits of £25,000, £75,000, £150,000, and £250,000, respectively. These deposit requirements are quite overwhelming, considering that the company does not execute orders in the interbank market.

The specifics of spreads and swaps are not clearly outlined, but they seem to decrease with the increase in account status. However, leverage, on the contrary, increases. The company offers bonuses, but they are only available to premium account holders. Additionally, RGN Financial Planning Ltd provides an interesting service called ROI, where the profit depends on the chosen account type. Overall, the broker follows a less transparent model, favoring those who deposit larger sums with more advantageous services and conditions.

RGN Financial Planning Ltd Vital Info

The company certainly boasts about itself, but in reality, the broker has little to be proud of. The legal information used by the company actually belongs to another firm. This “broker” lacks both a registration and a license. It is providing its services completely illegally.

As for its operating history, things are quite dubious as well. According to the WHOIS service, RGN Financial Planning Ltd registered its domain on October 27, 2023. Typically, established and trustworthy brokers have a longer operating history.


What are the key facts about RGN Financial Planning Ltd?

Firstly, the broker has a relatively short history, with its domain being registered as recently as October 27, 2023. Such a brief existence might be seen as a red flag, as it lacks the established track record that many traders seek in a reliable platform. Furthermore, a notable drawback is the absence of a valid license. Another significant issue is the usage of legal information belonging to another company.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Engaging with RGN Financial Planning Ltd carries inherent risks, primarily due to the factors mentioned earlier. The absence of a license is a critical concern as it leaves users without the protective measures. Moreover, the nature of the company as a Contract for Difference (CFD) broker amplifies the risks associated with trading.

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