Rentalzi is operated by Rentalzi Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, the company prefers to remain anonymous about its founders. It is worth noting that the site lacks information about the license. However, the intermediary assures customers of secure transactions thanks to a cryptographic protocol. Do these promises give potential users confidence in the reliability of the platform? We will do a review of this broker, where we will analyze its trading conditions and the legal aspects to see if it is worth trusting.

How to Trade

Rentalzi claims to provide innovative CFD trading software that can run on a variety of devices. Clients can invest in over 1,500 instruments across markets such as currencies, stocks, and more.

Rentalzi emphasizes zero deposit fees, but is silent about other fees and does not disclose the essence of “low commissions”.

Depositing/withdrawing funds is possible via Visa/MasterCard. Rentalzi promises to process withdrawal requests within 5 business days.

The online broker offers clients:

  • 7 account types with minimum deposits from $1,500 to $100,000.
  • Proprietary trading platform (Linux, Android, Windows, iOS), Webtrader.
  • Client-oriented multilingual support.

Traders will have access to live signals, economic calendar, e-books, news, and training at Rentalzi. You can access social media accounts by clicking on their logos located on the broker’s website.

Rentalzi Vital Info

The company administration claims that more than 750 VIP clients use an account with a maximum entry size of $100,000. Meanwhile, the site has no other statistics, no financial statements, and no information about the founding date or the history of the project. As for the domain, it was registered in 2020. However, it is not known from when the company itself started operating, as the firm does not show certificates of its registration in the offshore zone mentioned.

We decided to check the data of Rentalzi Limited in the register of legal entities in Hong Kong, but there is no such organization there. Due to the absence of a company at the specified address, it does not have a license. Could it be that the broker operates outside the legal framework? We are not ready to convince you that it is worth investing in such a dubious platform, it is hardly suitable for safe trading.


What are the key facts about Rentalzi?

The company is not on the public register of the appropriate regulator. There are no scans of registration and license on the official website. The broker has only 2 followers on its Instagram account. The company's phone number is listed as from a North American telecom operator, although the organization's office is supposedly located in Hong Kong. Residents of the USA, North Korea, and Iraq are not authorized to be served by the broker.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

You should realize that trading with an anonymous company is very dangerous. Rentalzi operates not only without forming a legal entity but also without a license from the regulator. Non-transparent trading conditions and CFD trading indicate that every user of the terminal will end up in the red one way or another. In this situation, the trader will not be able to protect their rights and recover losses from this broker.

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