RedStarChain lists an office address in the UK. Meanwhile, the company does not claim that this is its legal address, which allows the firm to operate in all countries of the world. It is worth noting that the site owner does not show the company’s registration number, scans of licenses, and certificates. Is it worth cooperating with this organization? Our review will help to determine the legality of this broker.

How to Trade

RedStarChain claims to provide clients with trading using MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 systems. However, the company demonstrates carelessly designed content on its platform.

RedStarChain provides contradictory statistics and technical parameters in different sections of its website. For example, the minimum deposit: in the amount of $100 is on the homepage and $2,000 in account types. The information differs in the number of clients – 3.7 million and 0.3 million; in the number of instruments – 1,500 and over 2,000.

RedStarChain offers customers 5 types of trading plans. However, specific technical parameters are not specified in the terms and conditions. For example, the following features are listed at the highest tariff level:

  • Full availability to buy instruments.
  • SMS and Push updates for key markets.
  • Administration of personal accounts.
  • Training tools and materials.
  • Only available market information.
  • Daily market observations and analysis.

The broker does not specify spreads, fees, and does not differentiate leverage by account type. The withdrawal fee is up to $50, but not less than 10% of the amount. To register with RedStarChain, you should fill out a standard form and check the box agreeing to comply with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It is worth noting that there is no link to this document and also it is not on the site.

RedStarChainVital Info

The owner of the site does not disclose anything about the history of the company, including the date of its foundation. As for the domain, it was registered only in December 2023. We checked the RedStarChain brand in the registries of legal entities in different countries and did not find this company anywhere. In addition, we did not find an office either, as the legal address listed on the website is a residential private house.

In the “Environment” section of the Client Agreement, the broker indicates regulators of different jurisdictions – Great Britain, British Virgin Islands, Cyprus, Mauritius and Russia. However, if you go to the sites of these regulators through the links specified in the description, you will not find a RedStarChain company in any of the lists. It is not clear to us what all these official regulators have to do with this intermediary. This suggests that the platform owner did not bother to create a website with true, transparent information.


What are the key facts about RedStarChain?

The legal address, place of registration of the company, and the start date of the project are unknown. As for licensing and regulation, the broker's information about financial commissions of different countries does not tell us anything about how it relates to these regulators. This organization is not on the lists of registered legal entities, its activity does not meet the requirements of the legislation.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Several signs indicate that it is dangerous to cooperate with this company. First of all, it has the wrong legal address. Secondly, the lack of regulation and licensing is a cause for alarm. Thirdly, the broker does not disclose the terms of leverage trading, and this can be a serious sign of manipulation and deception.

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