In this review, we will analyze the broker Quant Finance Limited, which openly claims to have a license from CySEC. However, there is no proof of this. Despite providing a London office address, the company has not received regulation from the FCA. Furthermore, it’s unknown when the firm was founded and what business model it operates under. The trading conditions also appear ambiguous, raising questions not only about profitability and comfort but also about safety and reliability. Is it worth the risk?

How to Trade

You can start trading with £100, but there will be no additional functionality. This is the amount required to activate the first tariff, where the client is only offered financial news. If a trader wants more services from Quant Finance Limited, they need to consider more expensive types of accounts, starting from £5,711 and up. The additional possibilities are as follows:

  • Webinars and reports from ECB.
  • PAMM and copy-trading.
  • Arbitrage and IPO.
  • Insurance.
  • And others.
Besides trading, Quant Finance Limited offers an investment service where you can earn a return within the range of 21-37%. However, it’s unclear over what period. Traders also have access to leverage up to 1:200. Commission and spreads are unknown.

Quant Finance Limited Vital Info

Judging by the low number of reviews on the internet, that firm started operating recently. We cannot know the exact founding date, as it is not indicated on the official website. However, we can check when the domain was registered, as an online broker cannot operate without a website. So, Quant Finance Limited’s website appeared at the end of October 2023. Therefore, it can be said that this is a young organization.

The firm boasts CySEC regulation, but for some reason, such a broker is absent in this regulator’s registry. Moreover, the FCA also does not know about the existence of Quant Finance Limited. Although every British broker must obtain permission to operate from this regulatory body.


What are the key facts about Quant Finance Limited?

The young domain, created on October 26, 2023, indicates that the project is new to the forex service industry. The headquarters is claimed to be in the United Kingdom, but we doubt the truthfulness of this information, as a license from the British FCA has not been obtained. Additionally, there is false information regarding control by CySEC, as no such organization was found in the registry. What else can be added here? The business model is unknown, but likely 100% B-Book, which means a conflict of interest.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Marginal CFD trading is a risky activity where 3/4 of users lose all their funds. Therefore, it is not suitable for everyone. Besides that risk, there is another, more serious one. We have already found out that the company lies about its license and actually has no regulation. Its operating period is short, and there are almost no reviews on the internet. It indicates illegal and fraudulent activity. Therefore, it is important to remember the risk of cooperating with such firms - the probability of available withdrawal is zero.

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