The company claims to have opened up the stock market to millions of people around the world. In addition, it was allegedly the first in the UK and Europe to offer a commission-free stock trading service. According to ‌information on the website, the project has existed for 23 years and its founders have earned a profit of $50 million.

Can users count on the safety of funds and data when working with this intermediary? Will your cooperation with it be profitable? Our review of the ProMentorExchange platform will demonstrate the technical aspects and reliability of this broker.

How to Trade

ProMentorExchange offers clients to download its platform for trading CFDs on cryptocurrency, indices, energy, and other assets. In addition, the company provides an opportunity to earn money on physical stocks.

The website provides the following broker statistics:

  • Access to more than 3,500 markets.
  • Integration with 500 exchanges, blockchain, and wallets.
  • Trading more than 600 thousand instruments.

Five trading rates are structured by deposit amounts of 25/50/100/300/500/500 thousand dollars. The intermediary promises 90% discounts on the swap, but does not mention information about the amount of commissions, fees, or swaps.

The brokerage organization reserves the right to terminate the user’s access to its services for any reason.

Registered clients will get access to webinars, trading school training, and sessions with an accountant. On the website you will find market news and a contact form for technical support.

ProMentorExchange Vital Info

We were unable to find any legal documents confirming the status of an official firm. Despite the indicated 23 years of experience, the company hides information about the owners of the platform, the history, and the start of the project from clients. As for the domain, it was registered only in March 2024.

We checked the registers of legal entities and did not find the ProMentorExchange brand either in the UK or in any other suitable country. It appears that the financial organization has legal data issues. Accordingly, it has no regulation and cannot have a license. Does a broker with this name exist? It is unlikely. The platform is probable operating illegally.


What are the key facts about ProMentorExchange?

The intermediary indicates an office address in the UK, but the firm is not in the UK register of legal entities. The brokerage company operates without regulatory control, it has no license. The experience of 23 years, which is indicated on the official website, is not confirmed by the certificate of brand registration.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

We found many strong signs of fraud on the part of this company. For example, the broker has a fresh domain and the owners of the site claim that the firm has been operating for many years. The activity of the organization is not regulated by the supervisory bodies of the British FCA. Moreover, CFD trading has a huge risk, because the authorized maximum leverage in the UK and EU is 1:30.

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