A brokerage firm invites potential clients to cooperate, promising to “increase investments” through asset trading and passive income with monthly interest payments. Meanwhile, the intermediary does not disclose such information as a legal address or license availability on its official website.

Is this company reliable? Can you entrust your capital to its “professional experts” for management? Our review of Prestige Capital Holding Pte Ltd will help you understand whether the broker is operating legally or not.

How to Trade

The WebTrader platform provides “support for all execution modes and trade orders, their separate accounting”. In addition, the broker offers various trading account packages that include the following features:

  • Access to over 500 markets.
  • Forex and cryptocurrency, stocks, commodities, and indices trading.
  • Copy trading, Arbitrage, PAMM account.

You can open an investment account with an interest rate of up to 27%. In addition, you will receive insurance for the entire deposit amount.

The company disclaims any financial responsibility to the client, who, for their part, undertakes to compensate any damage to the site owners and their partners.

User security is guaranteed by multi-level SSL encryption. Daily news is presented on the website as a link to TradingLab’s YouTube resource, clicking on which will take you to a publication from two years ago.

Prestige Capital Holding Pte Ltd Vital Info

We could not find any information on the site about how long this platform has been operating. In addition, there is no data about the qualifications of “professional experts” from the broker’s team who will dispose of clients’ money – tens of thousands of pounds sterling. As for the domain, it was created only at the end of April 2024. That is, this site is quite fresh and probably for this reason its owners do not want to disclose the history of the project, from the foundation of which has passed only a few weeks.

We considered the legal registration of the brokerage firm and the jurisdiction of its activities. We found this brand in Singapore. However, Prestige Capital Holding Pte Ltd, established in 2010, is engaged in consulting and has nothing to do with either brokerage activities or the site prestige-capital.net. It turns out that the hero of our review does not have a legal entity and hides behind the name of another organization.


What are the key facts about Prestige Capital Holding Pte Ltd?

Our investigation showed that such a brokerage firm is not listed in the registry of any jurisdiction. An organization with an identical name from Singapore does not own this platform. Licenses, head office addresses, and copies of the company's certificate of incorporation are not available on the website.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

You should be very cautious about cooperating with an anonymous website owner who does not provide documents on the registration of a legal entity and regulation of financial activity. In addition, opaque trading conditions and huge leverage, prohibited or restricted by reputable regulators, increase your risk of capital losses up to 100%.

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like Prestige Capital Holding Pte Ltd?

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