The company positions itself as a “leading financial services provider” registered in Switzerland. However, there is no confirmation of this, nor is there evidence of the competence of the firm’s founders, who “came together to create the perfect trading environment”. In addition, they don’t provide a start date for the project or the existence of a license.

Can you trust your money to this intermediary? Our PanaceaCapitals review is dedicated to researching the legitimacy and reliability of cooperation with this broker.

How to Trade

The financial firm offers clients two platforms: ETFs and CFDs. However, the ETF tab was unavailable during our review. Forex and cryptocurrency trading is available on the broker’s website. The company promises users the following services:

  • Five tariffs with minimum deposits ranging from $250 to $150,000.
  • Leverage ranging from 1:02 (probably meant 1:2) to 1:15, possibly increasing upon request.
  • Welcome bonus up to 45% of the first amount deposited into the account.

Payments are accepted via all popular payment methods, including crypto wallets. Withdrawal of funds is possible within 5 days.

The company can close the site anytime without notifying clients. (p.13.2 of the Terms of Use).

All registered users can consult with a personal manager and participate in webinars.

PanaceaCapitals Vital Info

The company does not provide information about the start of work and the history of the project. However, judging by the domain update date, we can conclude that it appeared on the market in 2024. In such a short period, it is unlikely that the broker was able to create a reputation of a reliable organization. In addition, the owners of the platform do not disclose data about themselves and their team. It is worth noting that the cheap website interface also does not contribute to our trust in the project.

We checked the specified address of the headquarters and made sure that it is quite a popular business center with an impressive cost of renting a room. Well, the most interesting thing is that there is no mention of PanaceaCapitals in the list of tenants. Moreover, there is no such legal entity in any suitable registry, including the Swiss one. It is clear to us that it is not worth seeking a license from such an intermediary.


What are the key facts about PanaceaCapitals?

The site owners do not indicate the registration number of the organization. The brand is not listed in the registers of legal entities in Switzerland and other countries. The brokerage company does not confirm its legal address and license with copies of documents. The firm's office is not a tenant in the business center where it is supposedly located.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The anonymous project operates without a license outside the legal framework. A large package of internal documents is useless, since the company can close its website at any time. Besides, you risk losing money when trading CFD and non-refundable cryptocurrency transactions.

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