OneTouchInvest is managed and owned by One Touch Invest Management Ltd ®, which is registered in London, United Kingdom. In addition, the company’s office is located in Genève, Switzerland. One Touch Invest’s trading services are prohibited in sanctioned countries and jurisdictions such as Israel, the USA, Japan. As for the license, the broker claims to provide it to clients for using its website. However, it is not an authorization for the firm’s financial activities from the UK regulator. How safe is this service? We will tell you about the reliability of this company in our review of the functions of the site, which the broker presents to clients as legitimate.

How to Trade

The company offers its clients the MetaTrader 5 terminal integrated with OneTouchInvest. All online transactions are protected by SSL encryption. The broker provides you admission to the global financial markets and trading Forex in Asia, stocks in Europe and commodities in America. The firm demonstrates its success and investor opportunities in the following figures from its own statistics:

  • Available countries – over 100.
  • Available markets – 557, planned growth.
  • Connected and satisfied users – more than 45 thousand people.
  • Number of successful transactions of traders – 1 million.
  • Investor’s annual income – 18% of the deposit amount.
  • Number of traded assets – more than 2 thousand names.
  • Payment methods – more than 20.

You can open an account with OneTouchInvest from the offered 5 variants differing in the minimum deposit amount ranging from $10,000-$250,000. Meanwhile, the company does not specify the size of the “high” leverage, execution speed, spreads, or other important parameters. From time to time, traders receive offers for bonus funds, for the withdrawal of which a trading volume of at least 1 lot per $1 is required.

You need to provide OneTouchInvest with proof of identity for each withdrawal. Your account can be blocked at any time, for example, if the broker suspects that you are using the platform to launder dirty money. Arbitration of your complaint will be conducted in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

The minimum withdrawal amounts for all trading accounts are: US$100, €100, £100, Dash 0.3, ETH – 0.1, LTC-1.5, BTC-0.026. You will have to wait another 5 days after your withdrawal request is approved before the money appears in your bank account or e-wallet. The analytics are presented on the website in the form of a TradingView platform tracker, which is available on the Internet to all users.

OneTouchInvest Vital Info

The company honestly discloses its launch date – 2023. As for the domain, it was registered in October 2023. In accordance with the information on the website, the registered office address of this firm is in the UK and the office address is in Genève, Switzerland. However, we did not find One Touch Invest Management Ltd in the UK register of legal entities. Noteworthy, there is a company with an almost identical name – One Touch Investments Ltd, which was registered in 2014 and it is not related to

The broker does not provide its clients with scans of the licenses and certificates that a financial organization legally operating in Europe must have. Meanwhile, in the Terms of Use of OneTouchInvest, there is a section on limited license, and it presents only restrictions for the client. It is not clear to us why clients can appeal against the actions of a UK broker only in the arbitration court of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, but this is what is stated in the “Complaints and Disputes Policy”. Maybe the broker, which indicates a false address of brand registration, actually falsifies the number of clients and other statistics, and deliberately misleads clients with its license information.


What are the key facts about OneTouchInvest?

The website's domain was registered in October 2023, there is no such company in the UK registry, i.e. the place of registration and legal address are incorrect. The broker has been operating for less than one month at the beginning of November 2023 and at the same time indicates statistics of 1 million transactions on the site and the presence of 50 thousand active clients in more than 100 countries. Meanwhile, there are only a few dozen reviews on the Internet, which do not match such a huge number of clients.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The risks of losing money for investors cooperating with this firm are very high. This is evidenced by the lack of information about its organizers, the unknown actual location, and unclear legal status. Non-transparent conditions of the terminal and the possibility of blocking the client's account, as well as CFD trading with high leverage indicate to traders the danger of losing money. Finally, the broker has no license or it is not confirmed on this site.

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