The company positions itself as a reliable partner on your path to financial growth. In addition, the brand owners claim that the project was launched in 2005 and has collected more than 1 million clients. However, there is no information on the official website about the location of the headquarters and the availability of a financial license.

Will you achieve wealth by trading on this platform? In our review, we will investigate the credibility of Onboard Capital’s claims and come to a conclusion about its reliability.

How to Trade

The brokerage firm offers clients to trade assets with leverage or have their investments managed by the company’s experts. You will find the following services on the website:

  • Seven account options with minimum deposits ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000.
  • Two deposit/withdrawal methods – cryptocurrency and wire transfer.
  • Social and risk-free trading, discounts of up to 90% on spread/swaps.

Onboard Capital does not specify the period for processing withdrawal requests as well as the amount of fees and commissions.

There are no Terms of Use for the platform on the website, and there are no links to the documents in the account registration form. 

Additional services are provided in the form of access to market reviews, extended VOD, webinars, and e-books. The working mode of technical support is indicated on different pages of the site as 24/5 and 24/7.

Onboard Capital Vital Info

The company does not disclose any information about the owners and qualifications of the managers who will lead clients to financial prosperity. Meanwhile, the start date in 2005 is highly doubtful, as the domain was created in 2017. However, the first filling of the website with content and mentions of the broker on the web appeared even later – only in December 2023, after the domain was renewed.

Moreover, the domain is now suspended and we have found another one ( Its contents appear contradictory and incomplete.

As for ‌company registration, we did not find it in the registers of legal entities in any suitable country. Clearly, the firm could not have obtained a brokerage license without legal documents. Why did an organization that claims to have been in the market for 19 years not bother to register the brand and regulate it? The site may be operated by individuals rather than a company.


What are the key facts about Onboard Capital?

Anonymous owners of the platform indicate the start date of the project, which is not confirmed by a copy of the certificate of incorporation of a legal entity. The company is not included in the registers of any jurisdiction. The broker's financial activities are not regulated.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The level of transparency offered by the firm does not inspire confidence in us. The broker operates without legal registration of the company and without any supervision. Huge leverage and withdrawal of funds in cryptocurrency only further increase the risk of losing investments.

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