Nobel Finanzen, a broker specializing in cryptocurrency, has garnered positive reviews from clients available online, yet the authenticity of these reviews is questionable. Interestingly, the website is solely in German, even though the legal entity is located in Gibraltar, according to the site’s footer. The firm also lists a branch in Austria, while the user agreement mentions the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. There is no mention of regulation or the founding date. What kind of platform is this, and can it be trusted?

How to Trade

Nobel Finanzen promises access to 16,000 cryptocurrencies, but we doubt such a number of digital currencies exist unless one considers scam tokens, which lack liquidity and are created for quick profit.

Before trading with Nobel Finanzen, one must choose from five account types. The first tariff starts with a minimum deposit of 10,000 euros.

The additional services are very diverse, including ICO access, trading tools, signals, guaranteed returns, fully managed accounts, personal expert or accountant, financial advisor, VIP events, and others. However, Nobel Finanzen does not disclose information regarding commission sizes and leverage.

Nobel Finanzen Vital Info

The main question is when the company was founded. Clues to this can be found in the domain of the official website and reviews. Nobel Finanzen’s website domain was registered on December 25, 2023. Meanwhile, there are not many reviews online, and they only began appearing in 2024. Thus, it is presumed the firm has been operating for a short time.

According to the official website, the legal entity is located in Gibraltar, with an office opened in Austria. However, Nobel Finanzen has not received a license to operate in either the first or the second country.

The user agreement also mentions the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, implying that the agreement between the parties is governed by the laws of this country. However, Nobel Finanzen is not found there either.


What are the key facts about Nobel Finanzen?

The founding date is not specified, but thanks to the domain registration date, we were able to determine that the platform was launched at the end of 2023, which means very recently. Moreover, the addresses listed are likely fake, as the company has not obtained any licenses. Its operations are illegal. It is also unclear exactly where the firm is actually registered, despite mentions of three jurisdictions. The broker's business model is also unclear. It is not specified whether transactions are routed to liquidity providers or if the company operates as a dealing desk, processing all traders' orders in-house, which implies a potential conflict of interest.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Trading cryptocurrencies, especially with leverage, carries huge risks. It is a young asset that could become worthless overnight. However, there is a high level of risk of another kind to keep in mind. Nobel Finanzen cannot provide reliability guarantees, and we have understood that the firm operates illegally. Therefore, clients may face fraud, meaning they might not be able to get their funds back.

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