We welcome the British broker, NLM 86 Limited, with over five years of experience and somewhat ambiguous online reviews. The firm offers access to an extensive range of instruments and trades with the help of its experienced and well-educated team to meet all your expectations. It sounds cool and great, but is it safe to deal with the company? After all, according to the website, it has not received a brokerage license from regulators, does not bring traders’ transactions to interbank liquidity or providers, and does not disclose the names of its founders.

How to Trade

Trading can start with a £100 initial deposit. This amount is required to open the first tariff. If a client wants more services, then the broker offers several types of accounts, but this will require more investment.

Those who can afford only the first type of account are offered almost nothing. Only daily news and a trial period of working with experts for 5 days are available. On the more expensive types of accounts from NLM 86 Limited, various services are available:

  • Webinars and weekly CME reports.
  • PAMM and copy-trading.
  • IPO.
  • Individual trading plan.
  • And others.

The company also offers an investment account where clients can earn an income of 21% to 37% monthly. This tariff includes insurance, online money management, and other options.

NLM 86 Limited Vital Info

The exact date of the company’s foundation is unknown, but the section about the firm’s activities states that it has more than 5 years of experience. Is this really the case? Unlikely, as the domain of the official website was only registered on July 11, 2023. It means that the frrm could not have been operational before July 11.

The legal address is in London, United Kingdom. A check of the legal registry showed that a firm named NLM 86 Limited does indeed exist, but is it the same organization? It seems strange that the address is completely different: Bentley, Doncaster, and it has been operational since 2017. This company is also listed in the FCA registry, where entirely different contact details are provided. It’s unlikely that the legal entity found in Companies House and FCA has any connection with the website nlm86limited.com.


What are the key facts about NLM 86 Limited?

The broker mentions an office in the UK, but does not mention a license from the FCA on its website. Meanwhile, a firm with a similar name, but different contact details and data, was found in the legal registry and the financial commission. The duration of operation is less than one year, as the domain of the official website was only registered in July 2023. The business model here is a dealing desk, which is also not mentioned by the organization. Registration documents, as well as the names of the leaders, are absent.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

There are two risks here. The first is the company's interest in the loss of its clients' deposits, as this is the only way a dealing desk can make a profit. The second is the impossibility of withdrawing funds. NLM 86 Limited is unregulated and cannot offer any guarantees of reliability, making both risks quite real for traders.

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Where can I find out about suspicious companies like NLM 86 Limited?

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