There are very few reviews of the broker MyCapitalInvest24 on the internet, which can literally be counted on the fingers of one hand. What kind of company is this and can it be trusted? The broker talks about 6 years of experience and more than 3 million happy and satisfied users. However, we do not think this is true, as no evidence is provided. Despite having a listed legal address in the UK, the absence of a license from the British Financial Conduct Authority raises significant doubts.

How to Trade

MyCapitalInvest24 offers trading CFDs, and clients can use leverage to increase volumes, but no more than 1:100-1:400. This depends on the type of account that is activated:

  1. Basic. 24/5 customer support and leverage up to 1:100.
  2. Advanced. Additionally, traders receive daily market updates, personal access to an account manager, news alerts, swap discounts of 10% and spread discounts of 20%, and a 30% bonus on deposit replenishment.
  3. Premium. The same opportunities, but also includes portfolio management and live sessions with personal strategy.

According to information from the official website, for making trades and analyzing charts, MyCapitalInvest24 offers the MetaTrader 5 platform. This terminal is available in web-based, desktop, and mobile versions.

MyCapitalInvest24 Vital Info

Upon landing on the homepage of the site, you can see information about more than 6 years of activity and 3 million clients. Is this true? We doubt it because the domain of MyCapitalInvest24 was registered on September 12, 2023, not in 2017. How could a brokerage company operate without a website? The number of reviews online is super low, so it’s hard to believe that more than 3 million people are trading here.

Any broker from the United Kingdom must obtain a license from the Financial Conduct Authority. MyCapitalInvest24 stated its office address in London, but completely forgot about the license. Or did they not? After all, the company was not found in the registry of this regulator.

This looks quite strange. How could the firm operate for 6 years without regulation? Oh right, we figured out that MyCapitalInvest24 only started its operations very recently.


What are the key facts about MyCapitalInvest24?

Most likely, the facts stated on the site are fictional. First, the site's domain was only registered in September 2023, a few months ago. Second, the broker is not popular, as there are almost no reviews online. Third, the confirmation of legal address and registration documents are not provided, and in the register of legal entities, such an organization is miraculously absent. Fourthly, the Financial Conduct Authority is unaware of the existence of such a firm. Although any British intermediary is obliged to obtain regulation.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The firm offers trading with leverage of 1:100 and more - it is a high risk of losing funds, as the risk when using borrowed funds is much higher. However, it's important to understand the more serious risk when cooperating with MyCapitalInvest24. The company operates illegally, it is not controlled by regulators, and its period of operation is less than a year. All this indicates potential fraud, where traders lose their deposits in full and guaranteed. So, the main risk here is falling for a scam and losing all funds.

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