This review is dedicated to the Milleniumchain broker, which promises to provide premier access to world markets without trading limits, with favorable conditions. The company boasts 20 years of experience, a headquarters in Switzerland, and clients from 200 countries. However, no licenses for brokerage activities were found. What should traders do, can they trust their money to such an organization, and are the conditions here profitable? Well, let’s take a closer look at the platform.

How to Trade

Milleniumchain promises high-speed order execution and zero commission on transactions. Clients can trade more than 2000 assets from various market classes, as well as use leverage up to 1:400. According to information from the official website, traders have access to five types of accounts:

  1. Bronze. A minimum deposit of $10,000 is required. There is assistance from a personal manager, basic training, alerts, and risk-free trades.
  2. Silver. Minimum deposit of $25,000. Adds practical guided trading sessions.
  3. Gold. From $50,000. Managed account service, and higher leverage.
  4. Premium. From $100,000. In addition to the aforementioned opportunities, Milleniumchain provides VIP signals and risk-management strategies.
  5. Savings. In addition to a personal manager and training, there is a risk-free business service.

Milleniumchain Vital Info

Here we have a broker claiming 20 years of experience, yet the official website only appeared on September 15, 2023. How did Milleniumchain operate without a website? And why are there almost no reviews about the company on the internet over two decades? And where are the registration documents? Could it be that the firm made up its 20 years of existence? Quite possible.

Milleniumchain is a Swiss brokerage firm, according to the website. So why isn’t the FINMA license, which all brokers from Switzerland must obtain, listed? If you try to find the organization in the FINMA registry, there will be nothing there. The same awaits you if you try to find the intermediary in the list of legal entities. So does the platform really exist?


What are the key facts about Milleniumchain?

The company talks about a 20-year period of operation and shows a headquarters in Switzerland. However, at the same time, the domain of the official website only appeared in 2023, and such a firm is not found in the Swiss register of legal entities. Additionally, any Swiss organization offering brokerage services must have an FINMA license, but it is not here.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The main risk for a trader's deposits is the inability to withdraw money. Milleniumchain does not provide any guarantees of safety and reliability because there is no license, the real operating time is only a few months, and there is no registration in Switzerland, although the website lists an address in this country. Also, clients may face manipulations by the firm and its employees. However, the main risk still lies in the inability to return funds.

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