MetaSwissX is a CFD broker with an unconfirmed headquarters in the United Kingdom. The firm grandiosely talks about its desire to help clients earn money in the financial markets, but at the same time, it doesn’t even have a license from the regulators, and the number of reviews is too low. Furthermore, the company does not even disclose its founding date, which looks quite suspicious. Can one trust money to such an organization? Can an unregulated platform be reliable? Or is it better not to take the risk?

How to Trade

Before starting trading, the broker offers to try the service on a free demo account. If a trader wishes to start working with real money, a minimum deposit of €250 is required, depending on the chosen tariff plan:

  1. Basic. €250.
  2. Silver. €10,001.
  3. Gold. €20,001.
  4. Platinum. €100,001.
  5. VIP. €200,001.
  6. Diamond. Invite only.

The leverage starts at 1:5 and is limited to 1:500, but the latter is for “Diamond” tariff owners. By the way, a 1:500 ratio is a clear violation of regulator norms. In addition, the project offers bonuses on deposit replenishment, assistance from a personal manager, and educational resources, for example, an introduction to the trading platform, and training in technical and graphical analysis.

MetaSwissX Vital Info

The only hint at the firm’s founding date is the footer of the official website, where 2021 can be seen. Other information is absent, even just indicating experience in conducting activities. There’s no point in talking about registration documents, they could have been useful, but they are not there. It turns out that the only way to find out the approximate launch date is the domain of the official website, which was registered in October 2023.

The company is based in London, and therefore should be under the control of the British regulator FCA, but for some reason, it does not possess licenses. Moreover, the legal register has no record of a broker named MetaSwissX. This, of course, looks very suspicious.


What are the key facts about MetaSwissX?

The only clue indicating the founding date is the year 2021 in the footer of the site, but this seems highly doubtful because the company has a young domain, created only in October 2023. At the same time, the business model and licenses are not indicated on the site. Regarding the business model, it is quite reasonable to assume that we are dealing with a 100% b-book, where the processing of client orders takes place within the platform without being routed to interbank liquidity. Regulation is absent, as such an organization is not found in the FCA's registers. However, even more interesting is the absence of a record of legal entity registration in Companies House, which calls into question the existence of the platform in the UK, despite the listed office in London.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Firstly, margin CFD trading is a high-risk class of instruments where it's easy to lose the entire deposit. Such a business is not suitable for everyone. Secondly, there's the risk of dealing with an insolvent and fraudulent intermediary. It does not have a license but benefits when clients lose money. The platform is at increased risk, so the possibility of withdrawing funds is highly questionable.

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