Mestieriplaza positions itself as a reliable CFD trading platform, operating “for many years” and popular in more than 30 countries. The brokerage company claims that its office is based in the UK. However, it does not disclose the place of incorporation, the regulatory body, and whether it has a license. We will analyze what tools the broker uses to protect clients’ funds and make a review of legal documents. After that, we will answer the question: Should you trust your capital to this company?

How to Trade

Mestieriplaza offers its clients its trading platform. The broker promises maximum convenience of the terminal, where a team of analysts will help you make effective trading decisions. In addition, you will get basic trading tools, asset selection, valuable trading signals, automation features, and other options.

Mestieriplaza provides the following services for users to earn money:

  • 7 types of traditional accounts with a minimum deposit from 10,000 to 1,000,000 euros.
  • Islamic accounts with high execution speed and modern trading infrastructure.
  • Referral program for private participants and legal entities.

Each client’s money is kept in their account, which a specific financial institution manages, the name of which the broker does not disclose. You can deposit via bank transfer or credit/debit card.

The company guarantees that it does not charge traders for deposits and withdrawals, but only once when they make such a transaction for the first time. For any subsequent transfers or withdrawals to Mestieriplaza, you will pay a fee in the amount the broker specifies.

Processing of payments and transactions may take more than three business days, the maximum withdrawal period is not specified by the service. Mestieriplaza provides educational resources for traders of different levels. A feedback form is placed on the website to provide online assistance to clients.

Mestieriplaza Vital Info

The company devotes just a few lines to its history on its official website. According to this information, up to 2000 transactions are made on the platform every day. In addition, Mestieriplaza “has become an industry leader over the many years of its operation”. However, the broker does not cite a single fact to prove the authenticity of these bold claims.

The site administration does not say anything about the managers and owners of the project, its history, and its start date. The “Regulation” and “Certification” sections do not contain a single link to official documents and no information about the regulator and licenses. Perhaps Mestieriplaza is a trustworthy broker, but how to explain the fact that its domain was only registered at the end of 2023? This is very strange for an organization claiming years of impeccable work.


What are the key facts about Mestieriplaza?

There are no scanned copies of the company's registration certificates on the website and there is no permission from the UK regulator for its brokerage activities. We have thoroughly checked the UK register of legal entities and did not find such an organization there. The broker's statement that it is currently in the process of obtaining a license does not make this service legitimate in any way.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

If Mestieriplaza had positioned the project as a promising startup and not as a company with a long track record, it would seem to be true. Instead, since we see an unknown platform with no regulatory oversight, it looks more like another fraudulent company without registration and license. Here, you will find the risk of unprofitable trading with leverage and unknown commission amounts.

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