Here we have the broker Mayrsson TG, offering to reach new heights in the world of trading, but judging by the few reviews online, few agree to cooperate. The firm lists an address in Denmark, but registration and legal documents are missing, which could confirm this. Additionally, it’s important to note the absence of regulation and a substantial period of operation. The organization looks opaque and questionable. How reliable is it, and can one trust it with their money?

How to Trade

The trading conditions at Mayrsson TG directly depend on the type of account the client chooses. There are three options:

  1. Silver. Leverage of 1:100 and assistance from a personal manager.
  2. Gold. The same conditions, but with leverage of 1:300 and a 25% discount on swaps.
  3. Platinum. Leverage of 1:400, a 50% discount, free VPS, and customized investment news.

The trading platform at Mayrsson TG is available both as a web-based version and for computers and mobile phones. According to the description on the official website, the terminal supports indicators, technical analysis, auto-trading, and other capabilities.

Users can trade currencies, stocks, metals, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. All instruments are presented in the form of CFDs, with more than 145 assets in total.

Mayrsson TG Vital Info

The period of operation is important for a brokerage company, but it’s unclear how long this firm has existed, as the founding date is not stated. We can guess the approximate launch date by the domain, specifically when it was registered. The domain of the official website was registered on November 23, 2023. So, Mayrsson TG has been operating for too short a time, while hiding its founding date.

Does Mayrsson TG have licenses? It’s unknown because nothing is said about them. Meanwhile, the company lists the address of its headquarters in Denmark, where brokerage activities are monitored by Finanstilsynet. However, for some reason, such a firm is not found there. What’s wrong with the organization? Why doesn’t it have a license?


What are the key facts about Mayrsson TG?

The broker hardly discloses any facts about its activities. It is known that the office address is listed in Denmark, but there are serious doubts about the truthfulness of such information. It’s likely that the address is fictitious, as regulation from the Danish regulator has not been obtained. The issue of regulation is conveniently ignored by the firm. Also, the period of operation is not stated, but we found out that the domain was registered very recently, indicating a short period of operation. Additionally, we are interested in the business model, and here it is 100% B-Book. This means a conflict of interest.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

One cannot forget about the risks associated with trading CFDs using leverage. However, we believe that the main risk of cooperating with Mayrsson TG is fraud. The firm offers no guarantees, is not controlled by regulators, and therefore can do whatever it wishes with clients' deposits. There is a high likelihood of encountering a scam, and thus losing money.

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