This review is dedicated to the broker Mayfair Wealth Ltd, which assures us that protecting client funds is its priority. In addition, the company opens up access to a variety of asset classes. Judging by the official website, the firm started operating in 2019, which is already a pretty serious experience with its headquarters in Ottawa, Canada. So, what is the advantage of this platform over others? How comfortable and profitable is it here? What services are available to traders and what is the specialty of the intermediary?

How to Trade

The company promises access to over 200 CFDs (forex, metals, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and stocks). Meanwhile, Mayfair Wealth Ltd offers a trading platform that works in any browser, as well as one that can be downloaded to a computer.

The minimum deposit is $2,500. Moreover, if a trader wants more opportunities and better conditions, they need to open a more expensive tariff, meaning investing more funds. Additional services are diverse:

  • 10% bonus.
  • Insured trades.
  • Access to credit from the firm.
  • Arbitrage.
  • Credit card.
Additionally, clients of Mayfair Wealth Ltd can utilize leverage to increase the volume of their trades, and consequently, to increase their potential profit. It should be noted that all traders are required to undergo identity verification.

Mayfair Wealth Ltd Vital Info

The company has been providing brokerage services for several years, thereby earning the trust of its clients and understanding what traders need to succeed and maintain stability in the financial markets. Thus, Mayfair Wealth Ltd is an experienced broker that has evolved from a newcomer to an adept player in the forex market.

The firm’s headquarters are based in Canada, a reputable and serious jurisdiction. Additionally, considering the mandatory verification process and the consistent warnings to its clients about the risks of margin trading, Mayfair Wealth Ltd operates in compliance with all regulations and standards set by financial regulators. This, in turn, indicates the legal operation of the company.


What are the key facts about Mayfair Wealth Ltd?

Firstly, the company commenced its operations several years ago - in 2019. This duration is considerable since not many forex brokers manage to last even a year. Secondly, the firm is officially registered in Canada, not in some offshore jurisdiction. Thirdly, Canadian regulators strictly oversee the operations of brokerage companies. From certain aspects of operation (for example, mandatory KYC and responsible risk warning), it can be confidently stated that the broker operates legally, as it complies with all the requirements of financial commissions.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Perhaps the only risk associated with collaborating with Mayfair Wealth Ltd lies in margin trading. Unfortunately, the majority of traders end up losing their money in this venture, with statistics showing more than 74% losses. Therefore, trading is not suitable for everyone. By using leverage, you not only increase potential profits but also potential losses, and there's a chance of losing the entire deposit due to borrowed funds.

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