The platform’s founders promise potential clients to “help achieve” their financial goals faster by trading CFDs on global markets. Meanwhile, the company does not disclose data about its registration, location, or project duration. It is worth noting that the website only mentions the UK, where the phone operator with tech support is located.

Can you trust your money to such a secretive intermediary? Will it provide you with profit and security? In our MarketsCo review, we will consider the terms of cooperation with this broker and the reliability of its services.

How to Trade

The firm encourages customers to register an account and invest in stocks, cryptocurrency, and other assets. It “guarantees a successful trading experience” and offers 5 types of tariffs. Traders can get on the platform:

  • A personal digital wallet for deposits.
  • Up to 10% of each referral in the affiliate program.
  • Bonus funds that can be withdrawn after the trading volume is worked out.

The amount on the account is the only difference in the classification of tariff plans. The intermediary does not disclose any specific trading conditions and fee parameters.

The interface supports only English, which contradicts the stated global nature of the brokerage organization.

The news feed has no content, but there are still 12 e-books and an asset index page on the website.

MarketsCo Vital Info

The company calls itself a “leading CFD broker” without disclosing any evidence. It is worth noting that we did not find any facts from the project’s history when preparing this review. In addition, we did not find any particular popularity of the platform on the Internet, and the first mentions of it appeared online only in 2024. However, the domain was created back in 2016. We assume that it was bought by the founders of the brokerage firm recently, as evidenced by the resource update at the end of February 2024.

As for legal registration, there are no office locations or licenses on the site. In addition, you will enter into a User Agreement with a company that supposedly operates the site, but has neither a registration number nor a headquarters. We tried to find the MarketsCo brand in the registers of legal entities in different countries, but there is no such brokerage organization in any jurisdiction. This resource is probably owned by a private individual, so we cannot talk about the legitimacy of such financial activity.


What are the key facts about MarketsCo?

The platform owners do not disclose any information about themselves and the management company. The brand is not in any registry of legal entities. Copies of the certificate of incorporation and licenses are not available on the website.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The company offers you to "get an exceptional trading experience" without being authorized by any brokerage regulator. Your experience will probably consist of a 100% loss of funds when trading CFDs on an unknown platform. In addition, you will not be able to get your deposit back when making cryptocurrency payments.

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