The broker, named after the great 20th-century trader, Livermore Trading claims to provide the best service to its clients, which, as per the official website, now exceeds 97 million. The company boasts incredible facts about itself: over 10 years of experience, a team of more than 30 employees led by Miranda Albertson, and 6 awards in brokerage services. However, at the same time, online reviews are scarce, licenses are not mentioned, the legal address is not indicated, and any registration documents are absent. How reliable is such a platform and is it profitable?

How to Trade

To start, you need to register an account, and then choose a suitable tariff plan. In Livermore Trading, there are 6 types of accounts:

  1. Trial. The minimum deposit is €250. Access to all assets and the platform, expert support, and financial calendar.
  2. Classic. From €1,000. It does not differ from the first tariff.
  3. Gold. Not less than €2,500. The services of a portfolio manager and the development of a personal strategy are added.
  4. Platinum. From €10,000. Livermore Trading offers access to experts, assistance in risk management, stacking portfolio, and signals.
  5. VIP. €25,000 and more. Additionally, private communication channels.
  6. Prestige. Not less than €100,000. The same opportunities, but also prestige group access.

According to the official website, the broker focuses more on the cryptocurrency industry. Moreover, monetary transfers can be made not only with digital currency but also with bank cards and electronic wallets.

Livermore Trading Vital Info

The duration of the operation is vaguely stated as “over 10 years.” However, it is doubtful because online reviews do not confirm such a long period of operation. Additionally, the domain of the official website only appeared on June 28, 2023. What evidence can Livermore Trading provide regarding its duration of operation? None.

Such brokerage organizations must have regulation to operate legally. Livermore Trading does not have a license and does not even mention this. It is also notable that the legal address is missing from the website, so it is unclear where to check for regulation. These are serious shortcomings that point to a complete lack of regulation for the broker.


What are the key facts about Livermore Trading?

Despite the claim of having over 10 years of experience, it's doubtful that the company has been in existence for that long since the website's domain only appeared in the summer of 2023. The first reviews also started appearing online only after this. The claim of having 97 million registered clients seems comical and is very likely a fake. Moreover, concerning regulation, there isn't any, as a license is not even mentioned. There is also no specific legal address or even a country listed for license verification. Other facts about the company's operations on its website are also most likely fabricated.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Livermore Trading is an entirely unregulated organization without solid experience or a verified reputation. To the risks of trading with leverage, where more than 74% of users lose their money, are added the risks of fraud. Such companies operate illegally and are not legally registered anywhere. The founders remain anonymous, so they can easily steal clients' money.

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