Liberty Commercial Finance Limited, a broker with conflicting and few reviews on the internet, claims to provide access to a wide list of financial assets and is supposedly under the control of the FCA regulator. However, there are no confirmations of this, but it is how the firm’s activity is described on its official website. Additionally, the company talks about having 600,000 clients worldwide, servicing over 100 countries, and managing 16 billion dollars – also without any proof. Is it safe to trust just their words, or is it better not to take the risk?

How to Trade

Trading CFDs with Liberty Commercial Finance Limited can start with a minimum deposit of 100 euros. This amount is required to open the first tariff plan, which includes spreads from 0.8 points, a minimum volume of 0.01 lot, leverage up to 1:20, an account manager, and low commissions.

Traders have a choice of 5 types of accounts. The better the account, the higher the required deposit, but the more favorable the conditions and the more diverse the available services. Additional service from Liberty Commercial Finance Limited include:

  • Personal manager, analyst, and signals – available with a balance of 150,000 euros or more.
  • Corporate department – similarly, available with a deposit of 150,000 euros or more.
  • Contracts from a hedge fund and leverage up to 1:100 – for the most advanced type of account, which is issued individually.
  • Affiliate program – for all users.

Liberty Commercial Finance Limited Vital Info

A brief history of the brand’s development, which began in 2011, can be found. However, there are suspicions about the truthfulness of this information. The number of reviews about Liberty Commercial Finance Limited is so small that the claim of operating since 2011 and having more than 600,000 clients seems highly dubious. If the domain of the official website was registered only on September 1, 2023, then how did the platform operate before this?

In the “About us” section, it is clearly stated that the company owns an FCA license, but in the registry of this regulator, a completely different organization with the same name is listed. The same situation occurs in the registry of legal entities in the United Kingdom. There is a firm named Liberty Commercial Finance Limited, but it has a different website, phone, address, and email. Is everything in order with the broker, and does it indeed own a license?


What are the key facts about Liberty Commercial Finance Limited?

The broker claims impressive and interesting facts about itself: 600,000 traders, 16 billion dollars under management, an FCA license, headquarters in London, operating since 2011, and servicing over 100 countries. However, we suspect that all of this data is fabricated. The domain is too new, created only in September 2023, and without a website, the platform could not have operated. The license and legal data point to another organization with the same name but with a different website and contacts. Online reviews exist, but they are few. It cannot be said that there are more than half a million users here, since the site's traffic is significantly lower.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Firstly, margin trading itself is a risky business where it's easy to lose your deposit. The statistics are very grim: more than 75% of traders lose money in the financial markets. Therefore, trading is not suitable for everyone. Secondly, there's a risk of being deceived as a client, as Liberty Commercial Finance Limited does not inspire trust but instead has red flags that raise serious suspicions regarding its legitimate status.

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