The brokerage firm claims to be based in Singapore and has been operating since 2003. According to the company, it has over one million clients making more than 3,000 transactions every minute. However, the company does not provide any reports, legal documents, or licenses confirming these facts and its operation in the legal field.

Do you want to know how reliable this project is? Then please read the Invest Partners Capital Group PTE LTD review, where you will find honest information about the activities of this broker.

How to Trade

You can trade only CFDs on stocks, cryptocurrencies, forex, and other assets on the platform. The intermediary offers clients:

  • 4 trading plans with a minimum deposit of £100/£5,000/£25,000/£75,000.
  • Savings account with 21-37% interest rate.
  • Account Insurance, Arbitrage, PAMM account.

The broker hides important details such as leverage, commissions, and spreads. You need to download the trading program to your device to start trading.

The company does not explain where it makes the profit by paying customers huge fixed interest rates on deposits.

Additional services are in the form of daily news, access to IPOs, a test period of co-trading with an expert, webinars, and so on. Communication is maintained through a quick feedback form.

Invest Partners Capital Group PTE LTD Vital Info

The site owner positions itself as a leading web broker with more than 100 experts on its staff. However, none of them are presented to clients, and the qualifications of the experts are not confirmed. In addition, there is no evidence that the firm has industry awards and has been serving traders for over 20 years. As for the domain, it was not registered until June 2024. We wonder how the online service operated without a website until then?

It is worth noting that the Singapore-based firm does not show copies of its registration and regulation certificates. Indeed, we found Invest Partners Capital Group PTE LTD in the registry of this country. According to official information, it is not a broker, but a company whose activity is fund management. Besides, it has another official website and there is no word on it about providing services to retail traders.


What are the key facts about Invest Partners Capital Group PTE LTD?

The information about the online service operation since 2003 is not confirmed by documents with registration data, and it is refuted by a fresh domain. Brokerage license is not available for this organization. The company, whose office is located at the address in Singapore specified on the website, has exactly the same name as the hero of our review, but it has nothing to do with

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The anonymous owners of this site are not licensed and it is covered by the name and address of an unauthorized company. No one will protect your funds if you trade on an unknown platform. In addition, you run a 100% risk by agreeing to cooperate with an intermediary that hides key trading terms.

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