The brokerage company claims to be registered in Switzerland and promises clients online trading using artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, the website contains neither the history of the company nor information about its founders and employees. The intermediary also does not publish copies of its license and certificate of incorporation.

Do you want to open an account and start trading on this platform? However, before entrusting the broker with your investment, read the review prepared by our experts.

How to Trade

The firm promises to provide clients with over 2,100 assets to trade. In addition, the broker offers the following services in the Trading Room section of the website:

  • 7 types of accounts, differing in deposit size and leverage.
  • 5 markets – stocks, cryptocurrency, forex, commodities, and indices.
  • Trading signals – from 5 per week on the first level.

The minimum deposit stated on the homepage is $250, and in the tariffs, it is $5,000. There is no information about transfer limits, commissions, and withdrawal processing time.

Registration on the site was not possible at the time of our review. If you click on the “Open account” icon, the page with the trading terminal will be activated, where there are no longer 5 markets, but 7 (plus ETFs and cannabis).

You will find prize promotions on the platform, news, analytics, and webinars. In addition, there are symbols of 4 social networks, but they are not active. Vital Info

The platform owners do not inform us how long it has been running. It is unknown when and by whom the project was launched. It is worth noting that the domain registration was not until January 2024. Judging by the number of inconsistencies in the description of the service on the website, it is clear that its founders were in a hurry to start working with clients as soon as possible. However, this is not typical for reliable brokerage firms.

We checked the company registration and found 4 similar brands in Canada, but their connection to is not confirmed. As for the office in Switzerland, the organization with the name is not listed in the register of legal entities in this country. It is also important to stress that legal brokerage projects are required to have a license, but this intermediary does not even mention the regulation of its activities.


What are the key facts about

The brokerage company does not disclose information about the owners of the business or the history of the project. The firm is not listed as a tenant at the claimed office address in Geneva. In addition, there is no confirmation of the registration and licensing of this legal entity.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

Our review has shown that this project is not a reliable brokerage firm. The owner of the site works without a license and registration of a legal entity. Your risk of losing money increases up to 100% when trading CFDs with leverage of 1:600, which cannot be more than 1:30 in Switzerland.

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