The company claims to be one of the leaders in CFD trading in the Europe and Asia regions. In addition, this “award-winning platform” allegedly originated from the famous American bank holding firm Home Equity Brokers Acceptance Corporation (KTAC). As for the licenses, their existence is indicated on the Study page of the official website. However, there is no documentary evidence of these facts. Is this project reliable? Our review of HomeEquityBrokers will help you conclude the safety of your cooperation with this broker.

How to Trade

The company guarantees users “high profitability, competitive spreads, and ultra-fast execution.” However, there is no specific data on trading parameters on the website.

The project offers clients:

  • Trading more than 100 assets.
  • Three tariff plans with minimum deposits of 500/25,000/50,000 USD.
  • Passive income up to 8.3% per annum in the form of dividends.
  • Deposit insurance and protection.
  • Deposit method BTC/USDT.

HomeEquityBrokers claims that clients’ funds are kept in separate bank accounts. Traders can withdraw money automatically 24/7.

The company withdraws funds to clients 30 days after they are credited to the trading account using a credit card.

You will find on the website quotes of assets on the world markets from TradingView. The intermediary promises 24/7 tech support and expert assistance.

HomeEquityBrokers Vital Info

The company provides a lot of information about its history, which supposedly started over a hundred years ago, in 1919. However, its domain was created only at the end of January 2024. Even though the broker calls itself a “Licensed Market Participant” and indicates the presence of regulation from the FCA and CySEC, there are no copies of documents on the website.

We found an organization, SUPERIOR HOME EQUITY BROKERS LLC, in the USA, but it is unrelated to our review’s hero. In addition, the office address listed on the official website of this brokerage firm does not exist in Triesen. Naturally, all these inconsistencies make us suspicious of the real existence of this legal entity.


What are the key facts about HomeEquityBrokers?

The company is not listed in the database of official legal entities in the USA and other countries, and the website shows a non-existent legal address. There are no registration documents and licenses confirming that this is a real brokerage platform. The creators of the project preferred to remain anonymous.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

We have no reason to consider this project reliable. Scanned copies of registration documents and licenses would have caused trust, but the unknown owners did not provide it. You are risking your funds by deciding to cooperate with such a dubious American organization. In addition to the fact that HomeEquityBrokers does not work with residents of the United States, where CFD trading is prohibited, capital losses are very likely in transactions in cryptocurrency.

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