Young investment company Group Crypto Trade offers high interest rates to its clients, but does not properly explain where such high returns, ranging from 1% to 9% per day, come from. According to the legend on the official website, the project was founded by Scandinavian entrepreneurs in 2022, though the main page indicates only 2 days of operation at the time of writing the review. The headquarters is located in the United Kingdom, but there is no license for the activity. All this looks highly suspicious. Can one trust an unlicensed organization promising high returns?

How to Invest

Group Crypto Trade has developed seven tariff plans for its investors. The better the tariff, the higher the minimum investment amount, the shorter the deposit term, and the higher the interest rate. Profits are accrued daily at a rate of 1% to 9%.

The project offers to invest funds for up to 120 days, with the principal amount being returned after the deposit term expires. Group Crypto Trade also promises instant withdrawals, but this should not be taken at face value. According to the official website, clients can participate in an affiliate program and receive a reward for inviting partners up to 5% of the referral’s deposit.

The high interest rates without a real product rais significant suspicions about the nature of the investment project. Almost always, such high returns are only possible in financial pyramids, where there is a high risk of losing funds.

Group Crypto Trade Vital Info

On the official website, the company talks about being founded in 2022, but there is real proof that this is not the case. Firstly, the domain of the site only appeared on November 12, 2023. Secondly, legal information from the Companies House registry in the United Kingdom is provided. There, the organization was incorporated on November 14, 2023. It’s unclear why the company provides false information about its operating period.

So, we’ve already checked the UK registry, and such an organization indeed exists. However, the type of activity that Group Crypto Trade is involved in requires regulation by the FCA. And here’s where the most interesting part comes in. It turns out, the project has not received a license from the regulator, so its activities are illegal.


What are the key facts about Group Crypto Trade?

For some reason, the company shares a founding date of 2022, but at the same time has a young domain created in November 2023, and a legal entity that was registered two days after the domain. The project's activities are illegal because there is no license. Also, they offer fixed percentages of enormous size, from 1% to 9% daily. The organization does not provide evidence of where it generates such returns, and there is no actual product. Plus, there's a three-level affiliate program. And now we come to the abundance of signs of a financial pyramid (HYIP).

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this company?

Financial pyramids have a tendency to burst. The problem is that not all investors can earn money; someone has to lose, and usually, it's the majority. The main risk for investors is the collapse of Group Crypto Trade, in which they will lose their deposits. It's impossible to get anything back in such a case.

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