Grossfield Limited is a European broker with a history spanning decades. The intermediary offers its clients unique trading conditions, exclusive high liquidity, as well as low spreads and commissions. Indeed, this is possible for companies with an extensive client base, which, after so many years in operation, should not be a problem for this broker. Traders will have access to the most popular instruments, such as Forex, indices, stocks, and more. However, there are some inconsistencies in project history. For instance, the website domain was registered in October, and prior to that, no one had heard of such a broker. Additionally, it has not obtained any licenses for financial and related services. So, is it a scam? Don’t rush to conclusions; we’ll explore everything in our review.

How to Trade

Grossfield Limited offers a choice of four account types:

  1. The Bronze account is designed for beginners, allowing trading in currency pairs and includes the assistance of a personal manager. Spreads on this account start at 0.8 pips.
  2. The next account, Silver, requires a minimum deposit of 5,000 units. It is created for more advanced traders who are proficient in trading commodities — one of the main assets for this account. The leverage is increased, and clients also gain access to collective webinars.
  3. The third account, Gold, with a minimum deposit of 20,000 euros, provides Grossfield Limited clients with the opportunity to trade popular indices.
  4. Finally, the VIP account requires a deposit of 100,000 euros. In addition to all the options from the previous accounts, it includes the assistance of a personal analyst and trading signals. Grossfield Limited also provides access to trading in metals and stocks.
It’s worth noting that the leverage is excessively high for a licensed British broker. The minimum deposits are also clearly inflated. Another significant drawback is the absence of demo and Islamic accounts. 

Grossfield Limited Vital Info

The company claims to be registered in the UK. Well, information about a company with that name does exist in the British registry. However, it is an entirely different legal entity that has no involvement in brokerage services. Moreover, Grossfield Limited lacks the necessary licenses for such activities. It appears that we have encountered a clone of the authentic company.

Why is that? Because the original firm has been operating since 1982. This extended period of operation is an excellent backdrop for scammers since it significantly adds credibility in the eyes of traders. However, here lies the issue — the domain of Grossfield Limited was only created on October 12, 2023. This fact completely exposes their fraudulent nature. They simply appropriated someone else’s name from the registry and used it to present themselves as a legitimate company.


What are the key facts about Grossfield Limited?

The main issues revolve around the fact that the project has only been in existence for a few weeks, and it operates as an illegal broker that utilizes someone else's legal information, attempting to portray itself as a genuine British company.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

The risks of losing money in such a project are extremely high. Since Grossfield Limited is fraudulent, your financial well-being is unlikely to be a concern for them. Instead, they are more likely to shamelessly deplete your funds because they are part of a fraudulent network whose primary goal is self-enrichment.

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