The brokerage project has opened “the way to financial prosperity” for more than 300 thousand clients. In accordance with the presentation on the website, traders will get here a “limitless trading experience with exclusive CFDs on cryptocurrencies”. However, the intermediary does not disclose any details about the brand’s history, location, and license.

Should you trust this company? We answer questions about its reliability in our review of Gradual Solutions Inc Pte by examining the broker’s legal documents and its trading conditions.

How to Trade

Users can trade more than 200 CFDs from any device using the WebTrader platform. The firm offers a choice of seven account types:

  • Forex, Commodities, Indices.
  • Savings account (income 21-37%).
  • VIP section with 3 investment plans.

Clients with large deposits of $250,000 or more get access to Copy Trading, IPOs, and personalized investment strategies. All trading conditions remain unknown, the broker does not specify such parameters as spreads, leverage, or commissions.

Account registration is impossible without entering a referral code, which forces the client to contact an employee of the firm. Financial regulators prohibit this practice because it limits access to the service.

In addition, the site has e-books, news, analytical reports, etc. All materials are provided without account registration.

Gradual Solutions Inc Pte Vital Info

The owner of the site does not disclose who and when the company was founded.In the News section and in the footer, we found dates pointing to 2024. The short lifespan of this project is confirmed by the domain creation date, namely 12 April 2024. However, we find the number of clients indicated by the broker – more than 300 thousand – to be very doubtful. It is unclear how it is possible to gather so many traders in a month without even having a single account on social networks.

As for the location and registration of the brand, there is no clarity here either. The broker does not say in which jurisdiction the firm is based, where its offices are located, and which regulator numerous clients should contact. We did not find Gradual Solutions Inc Pte in the global register of legal entities. The question arises: does such a brokerage organization even exist? It is possible that the platform is run by a private individual without any financial licenses.


What are the key facts about Gradual Solutions Inc Pte?

The company does not provide a registered office, date of incorporation, or license. We cannot verify the existence of a brand that is not in the registers of legal entities in any country. Judging by the domain registration date, the site has been operating since April 2024.

What's the risk to my wallet when working with this broker?

In our review, we saw that the legal address of the company is unknown, so it is impossible to verify its registration and licenses. You are exposing your investment to 100% risk of loss by trading CFDs with unknown terms and conditions and no guarantees of withdrawal from an anonymous broker's account.

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